Interested in 53 Signal Squadron

I'm 26 and really interested in the TA and I had the signals in mind, I have just finished my first year in college studying Electrical & Electronic Engineering gaining an BTEC NVQ Level 1 qual in Performing Engineering Options and Mathematics for Engineering Technicians Level 2. I'm going to proceed onto university and study towards a charted status, I have no experience in the industry an I figure they'll look for people with more quals and industry experience to fit in, I left school with nothing and basically after a lot of maturing I finally got my head screwed on and going for a career.I want to join the TA for a good few years and gain more experience (to develop myself) and to actually live my life.Will my first qualification help me get into the signals?Whats the squadron like?What role will I fit into?Can anybody with similar circumstances share some help?
Best thing to do is contact them directly and go in and see them. Whether or not you've got civvy qualifications won't really matter one way or the other as you'll be fully trained on the kit but it surely won't hurt.
Have served in 53rd. You could join as a uneducated fool. You can join as a super duper degree taker. Going is as a squaddie in 53 is not a problem. Good bunch of lads but the disbanded 900 troop was the better piss head.

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