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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by MonkeyNutts, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Hello there guys,

    I thought I will post this topic as currently I am really interested about joining the TA, but however I have some queries.

    Currently at the moment I am 17 years of age and attending college studying public services. I was wondering if this is possible for me to join the TA, as it will improve my fitness and me as a person. I have 2 years in college and I thought the TA would go well in what I am doing.

    Another question is about the pay, even though I am not concerned about this, but on the army website it says you will get paid around £32 a day. This is probably stupid but oh well, is that when you’re training and on operations you get paid and not every day in general.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

  2. do you want to go regular or TA?

    you seem to be posting threads on both options.

    or are you trying to do both at the same time?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Get your college out of the way first. Then join the TA.

  4. Well I do want to join the regulars after my college course, but I thought the TA would be a great opportunity while in college to get the experience and actually see if it’s for me. I am just looking at both options.
  5. PM on its way.....
  6. allthough TA is 'part time' it really does take a lot of time and commitment,
    especially when you first start off with the phases of basic and core training.
    like MSR says, your collage is VERY important. get your quals and certs out the way so theres no distraction by trying to juggle 2 time consuming activitys at the same time.
    study/cram time is important to get decent grades.

    its a good idea to try TA first to see if you like the army lifestyle (IMHO).
    that way you can test the water to see if its the full or part time career that best suits you.
  7. I thought exactly that, but however I don’t have any exams in this course its just assignment based which it’s not a lot, and I actually have a lot of time which is mostly part time work. But I don’t enjoy the work I am doing one bit.
  8. double tap.
  9. you will need to give up 6 consecutive weekends for training minimum
    just to let you know
  11. What part of the TA are you interested in joining?
    You get paid for the days you attend training and if you are in full time education I don't think that you are not deployable.

    The first phase of Training will take a minimum of 11 weeks, if you can commit to every other weekend, then its 2 weeks away which you should be able to do during holidays.

    Pop into your local TA Centre and ask them these questions
  12. As my local TA centre does infantry this will be my option as im want to do this anyway.

    I am going to my local TA centre on the 19th of February to find out all information and hopefully start the process. But I’m defiantly joining the TA.

    Yes im at college but i will be deployable in next year may, this is when i finish my course.
  13. I am actually going tomorrow night now, as I’ve recently met a guy from college that goes to this TA centre.
  14. not what i was told