Interest rates


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Wounder if this isn't a sign that the govt have realised that theve screwed up big style and are now panicing....

great news for those with mortgages but a bit of a bugger for savings and pensions (which gordon brown has taken @ £30 billion from since 97!!) never mind export/import  businesses :-/
We expected a cut but not this soon.  When I heard about it, the first thing I thought of was 'Oh then we really are going to war'.  

It will be good for manufacturing but is very bad news for the already overheated consumer debt mountain and, as Liney says, savers.


Still got to pay 15% or more for a credit card-that never seems to go down, same as bank loans and the like!

And they are all making billions in profit, mostly from my £25 Overdrawn Notification Letter- like I need reminding!
My feeking bank is not passing on the saving.  Good job I'm out of my tree.  MDN, I've just kicked the cat and wet the sofa.


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