Interest on National debt to cost as much as Armed Forces

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 13, 2008.

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  2. So its about on par with MP's expenses!
  3. The only change with this bunch of cnuts is their PR. It's still overtax then overspend but it's dressed as prudence. To give a not very modern miltary parallel think WWI and the General Staff.
  4. Good job we've got our gold reserves to fall back on then, just think, in a really crazy world the Chancellor would have flogged them of for a bargain price.
  5. So the equivalent of more than 3 years defence budget has been put at risk to ensure that Northern Rocks investors don't lose money. I thought buying shares was supposed to carry some risk.
  6. Don't be cynical now. There's an easy solution to the government's money problems. As our esteemed Chancellor pointed out soon after taking office "We can always authorise the Bank to print more money".

    Cut down a tree, make it into paper, slap some ink on it and call it a billion quid. Sorted innit?

    God help us.
  7. Now, who on earth could be surprized by this?

    Many people, too many for my happiness, still imagine that the growling oaf Brown was a prudent Chancellor.

    He of course has a bomb-proof pension but the 'little people' in the age bracket 21 to 32, and others naturally, will curse this evil monster and his politic of envy and malice until the end of time.
  8. To be fair, the loan to Northern Rock has been secured against the underlying mortgages at, reportedly, a good rate of interest. And, if the Bank keeps screwing Lord, sorry, Sir Richard as it seems so keen on doing, then the Bank might make a decent profit out of the whole sorry business.

    But I agree with you that the Rock should have been allowed to go bust and the shareholders would have lost their shirts.

  9. They could always add another 2p per litre on fuel duty in April. Oh, I forgot, thats already been done!!

    How about a toilet flush tax.

    5p per pish, and 10p per dump!
  10. already done. If you are on a water meter, you pay for the sewage you put out (toilet flushes etc) as well as the water you draw
  11. Memory says when El Gordo started as Chancellor he was prudent for first couple of years.
    He paid off our outstanding debt to the US of A from WW II early, to save on interest payments.
    Now he has run up the UK National Debt to a all time high.
    I know I manage my accounts better.
    Give any Labour government enough time and they will shaft the economy.