Inter Services 20/20 - Cheating RAF cnut.

Army hoofed out because they were frankly shite. RN vs RAF brilliant match apart from the cheating, pikey twat in the No 2 shirt from the RAF. Diving catch, dropped it in front of the crowd as he landed, rolled over and triumphantly held it up in the air and the catch was given. Crowd in uproar, the arrogant **** held his arms out as if to say 'What? What's wrong?' Twat was booed every time he came anywhere near the stands. ****.

I hope you read this you cheating ******, whatever happened to honest and integrity, huh? Crab twat.
Interforces Polo actually. Those ponies are bloody dexterous these days what?


I tried 20/20 once. I could bowl the 2 lanes at the same time with each hand, but I couldn't keep my right arm straight.

Not once did I get a strike.
I've drunk 20/20 back in my mid teens. Have they created a drinking game around it? Jolly good.
It was a ******* guaranteed knicker elastic loosener! I learned that at 15, if I tanked this particulcar girl full of 20/20 out of my own pocket she would sneak me into her crazy Nans house and let me do what I wanted :)

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