Inter-County ACF relations

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Lepus, May 19, 2006.

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  1. Chaps, what are your experiences of Inter-ACF relations. In my experience they arn't that great, except for individuals who decide to help out on a private basis. Any other experiences?

    PS: Cheers for your help last weekend Country_Bumpkin, I'll return the favour at some point. Do you want something towards your train fare? I hope you didn't run into any pollards on your way through Bristle!

  2. The only inter-county relations I've had are through the Military Skills competition. We got along with all the ACF blokes well enough, it's the CCF sods we fell out with. Only a minor thing, mind.
  3. No probs at all Rab. I had a good time down there. Next time you need a hand just shout.
  4. i'm part of a CCF and oddly enough we get on well with the local ACF detatchment. every so oftern some of the NCOs me included play the enermy for the exercises and vice versa and they get some of there people to squirt fake blood at us for first aid!
  5. Several years ago on annual camp we had to share our accommodation with Essex ACF. Unless my senility is getting the better of me, I remember a spirit of cooperation between the adults of both messes, and there was little or no trouble between the cadets. During our military skills cup, there is complete cooperation between us and our neighbouring county.
  6. Trouble only begins when CCF cadets try to pull rank on ACF cadets, as the ACF lads don't like the acelerated promotion based on age that the CCF seem to get by virtue of their system.

    Apart from that, I've never experienced any ACF/CCF animosity.
  7. As always, it depends on the individual unit - some are excellent, some an embarrassment! On my own CCF unit (at a State Grammar) first promotions are made at the end of yr 11, so a LCpl will probably be 16. It isn't automatic, either, as Yr 11 consists entirely of MOI and leadership training with continual assessment. It's only if they pass all this that they get promoted. They'll stay as JNCOs in the Lower 6th and maybe become an SNCO in the Upper 6th.

    As always, CCF contingents tend to be a law unto themselves, so procedures vary from school to school.
  8. Its still L/CPL to a possible Sgt.Maj in 3 years though.
  9. I went on a Look at life course with the Royal Engineers which was ACF/CCF. I was a l/cpl at the time and ended up taking control in things like command tasks when there was a Sergeant Major in the section.
  10. That means you had a biff Sgt Maj, not a lot to do with promotion speed.
  11. I can only describe it as Extremely competetive from my experiences too competetive!!!
  12. And all we are saying, is give peace a chance