Inter-breeding with captured British soldiers

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Bromhead, Dec 24, 2005.

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  1. A friend of mine leads me to believe that there is an area within either the Middle East (possibly Afghanistan) or Africa (possibly The Sudan; please excuse the slightly ambiguous nature of the exact geographical location) where the indignous population are extremely light skinned as a result of being inter-bred with British soldiers captured in the late 19th century.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? I've already heard the story about the Greeks captured from the Army of Alexander the Great, but is it possible that this has happenned with British soldiers?
  2. I understand syrians are supposed to be very fair skinned compared to the rest of the middle east...don't know if there is any connection though!
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Probably you mean Kafirstan (Or Kafiristan). See "The man who would be King" by Kipling.

    In an early example of religious zeal, this area was forcibly converted to Islam in the 19th c. Previous to that, they'd been presumably happy Pagans since time immemorial. And of course, once you are a Moslem, it's apostacy to change religion.

    Apostacy is of course punishable by death in some countries that our now our 'allies', of course....
  4. On Op Haven (N. Iraq-1991) there were lots of light skinned, light haired Kurds. There had been a British air base in the area from 1920-ish to 1950-ish. Mesopotamia (as Iraq was then called) was garrisoned solely by the RAF for a period in the 20s & 30s. They used it as an example of how air power could work, in a kind of "please don't disband us, look we are useful, honest" kind of way. So it was a small logical step for everyone to say the lighter skinned Kurds were the product Kurd/Crab liaisons. However, when I looked into it, the light skin of some locals had been noted in the 19th century and seemed to stretch back thousands of years. So the British blooded Iraqi Kurds story was bo11ocks.
  5. Many of the people in Persia and it's neighbours, particularly towards the north are more Indo-European than Arab/Semitic, it is no coincidence that Iran and Aryan sound similar. The whole regionwas crossed by the Indo-Europeans as they migrated Westwards several thousand years ago and so it is not very unusual to find paler, blue eyed blondes in northern Iran and Afghanistan and presumably Kurdistan.
    The reverse migration of Alexanders armies might also have contributed, particularly as many of the older veterans are supposed to have settled in Persia after the conquest.
  6. Whilst in Iraq on telic 5 there were 3 villages in my Troops AO (east of AL AMARAH) where in the inhabitants were full on ginger .That is no lie .So at the time of the Elections when my whole SQN re-enforced the area , and the SQN leader gave this area the name ''Gingerville'' .
    Must of been a jock regiment there a few hundred years ago and one or two of the highland laddies stayed .
  7. Its a very, very common occurance to find that Tommie (or Jack Tar) has reseeded the local population - just visit any country we had as a colony, port or occupied land in the past two or three centuries, and you'll see blue-eyed/fair-skinned/ginger or blonde locals. India has an entire caste of "Anglos", and the same is true of the Malay peninsular and all ports east. Southern Iraq is interesting - see how many locals have green or blue eyes and European features. Whether that is a result of our 3 or 4 "visits" in recent history, or just the Indus bloodline is a moot point.... they probably aren't going to own up any time soon to having Sgt Biggus Dickus from the 1/3rd Loamshires as Great-grandad....
  8. There is an area just near Cairo where the 'locals' were predominately ginger haired, blue-eyed and light skin tone. Supposedly went back to presence of Brit POWs during war with Napoleon. Women from this area used to be particularly attractive to high-rank Egyptian police officers. Army officers and civil servants as light skin and blue eyes were thought to indicate better 'class' than buckshee fellahine.
  9. In Afghanistan in the 19th Century Britain suffered one of her worse set backs. A large force of soldiers and their wifes were to Kabul and the leader of this force was a Diplomat. On arrival at Kabul the troops were found quarters in Kabul but the Towns Officials requested that all the munitions should be left out side for safety reasons. Well the Armies pleas for not to happen were over ruled by the diplomat, and of course being separated from the ammunition they were attacked. After some bitter fighting from inside the buildings the diplomat secured an agreement that they could leave Kabul unhindered. Once in the open they were attacked again and only one man made it back to base. All the women with this column were sent to different harems and were given the choice of accepting there fate or dying, most them accepted.
  10. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    See 'Flashman' (GM Fraser) for a fuller description of the the laughable/sad withdrawal/retreat from Kabul under General Elphinstone culminating in the final destruction of the army at Gundamak.
  11. RAF in Baghdad

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  12. ... plus, of course, the RAF are hardly likely to have got anyone pregnant. Very few Kurdish boys have wombs up their jacksies.
  13. Is tis origin of 'I was in Baghdad when you were in your dad's bag?'
  14. The Hazaras from Afghanistan are Assyrian and are light skinned, almost western looking and they have been for many hundreds of years, I have been led to believe. But it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Tommy had been sticking the old quill in the local inkpot and had diliuted the local colours so to speak!
  15. Dress it up any way you like, it just goes to show that your average squaddie can get a shag anywhere... nice to know some military traditions have never changed. On a related note, apparantly there are also some oriental looking types in Afghanistan as a result of the mongol invasion, I guess thats what happens when you have care in the community.. (Straight to hell for that one!) This is what happens when i pull a Christmas duty...