Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by IBRU, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi just a quick one, i have recently applied for an inter arm transfer and have gone through the process up to a point, i have had my capbadge RCMO interview i have filled out AFB241, i have had my attachment with the recieving capbadge and now nothing i have not heard anything for about 5 weeks now, i undestand i am now waiting for the recieving capbadge PSO interview but i am unsure how to proceed to chase it up, What sort of time frame should i be expecting, any advise would be really helpfull.
  2. IBRU transfers can take up to a year. Depends on whether they have vacancies in the trade you wish to go to etc etc.

    You say five weeks but that would include when most people have been on leave.

    As you have had an att I assume that the receiving MCM Div has received your paperwork? If not sure you could get your CC to check with MCM.

    I would suggest that the delay will be with the receiving MCM Div as this is normally the case.

    If you can confirm MCM have your app then I would suggest Wait Out may be the best bet.

  3. The above is not true as you will not be allowed to transfer to a trade without vacancies. The official line on the Army website says 2-3 months from initiation to acceptance (link below).

    Jockster is right most of that 5 weeks has covered the Xmas madness/leave period. However get in your RCMO's in tray and have him speak with your chosen new capbadge's MCM Div and see what the situation is. If that heralds no results then try speaking to them yourself, you should be able to find their phone numbers on the MCM website.
  4. Well thats funny, because when I changed cap badges in 2000 the process took about 1 year from initial interview to starting my training
  5. I applied to transfer from Inf to a Corps in 1992 and I got f***ed off time and time again by my unit, saying that they didn't know anything. After a whole year I went in to see the chief clerk and he said that all my docs had been lost and that I would have to reapply again from scratch, but only once the unit had a replacement 2066 and conduct sheets. They got their wish and I withdrew my application in frustration, having wasted a year of my career. Fortunately, I found a metaphorical escape hatch some time later and ended up in a totally different corps.

    I think it illustrates that there was very little control a few years ago. Anyone in the chain could quite easily hold someone's application almost indefinitely and soldiers has virtually no comeback - everyone was effectively conditioned to expect to wait a long time. I believe it was purely a sickener to stop people leaving their parent arm.
  6. MALDROP last transfer from my unit took 13 months.

    Depends on trade going to i.e. vacancies, you can be considered for vacancies further down the line, i.e. when someone has signed off. Likewise any specialist courses required and there frequency some Corps only have 2 courses a year etc.

    Agreed depending on unit RCMO should be available to help if needs be. That's what he is there for! I would never advocate an individual speaking directly to MCM it can cause more problems than it is worth - I speak from experience on that one.

  7. If your in Germany the next Transfer Fair is coming up, give it a shot - what's the worst they can say? No?
  8. I pray that you are not Inf, they are renowned for trying to stall an individuals request for transfer, simply because their retention and recruiting is at an all time low. My bother-in-law was Inf and it took him nearly 3 years to get anywhere, they lost his paperwork, serveral times, he was threatened by his Platoon Sgt telling him the rest of the Regt would blank him, told he would be put on duty forever, they even tried putting him on a course which would have time barred him and therefore kept him in the Regt, in the end he said ram it, got out and joined the RAF.
  9. I totally agree.

    I was RHF and applied for commission. I got through pre-RCB (about 15 years ago) but I was a bit naughty a few months later and got bust. I sacked that idea and applied for Int Corps but got fucked off for a whole year. Then got told my paperwork was conveniently lost. I'm pretty sure it was a blatant "fuck off" for having the sheer audacity for wanting to leave the Battalion. I also applied for P Company but they told me to piss off and shredded my application, as it would have meant rebadging and therefore transferring out. You've got to laugh haven't you? :x
  10. I transferred from Int Corps to REME last year, I put in paperwork in November 06 and had a start on a course here mid June last year. Was taking a while but got my wing WO1 on the phone to MCM Div and had a date 3 weeks later, sometimes only take a WO to make that call and it'll move them on a bit.
  11. Thanks for all your comments, I am not INF and i have already technically been released from my present Capbadge, it is the Receiving Cap badge where the delay is but i agree taking the silly season into account i will wait out for now, i was concerned to hear it could take up to a year as my RCMO informed me the process from to start to acceptance takes no more than 10 weeks!
  12. From expierence if you wish to transfer to the Royal Signals, volunteer to go UKSF (18), your parent unit should not be able to stop you volunteering. If you pass the selection criteria and are taken on strength it is far easier to transfer as you will be with your proposed parent Corps and potential unit. Also rather than deal with your Battalion you deal directly with your parent arm MCM.

    Lots of guys have done it and not found too many problems. Downside is you have to pass the course first.
  13. I am already Sigs transfering out so no point going UKSFG