in a rateing of 1 to 10 how intense is the PHASES of training in the army?

id like to know this as i am training extreamly hard to get my fitness to a level where i should be able to cope easy enough.

i have been told that it could take up to 4 or 6 months to actually get into the army, depending on what role i wish to take up, id like to know if going to the gym 4 or 3 times a week spending 20mins running and 20 mins weight training each time i go, will doing this for at least 4 months have me prepared for what the army training is going to be like?

Thanks :D:D:D
Right mate if your going infantry i would reccomend just running your 1.5 twice a week (one steady and one best effort) and get a longer run in at the end of the week like 4-6 miler, Also no need to do weights just practice doing body weight exercises, i.e pull ups, press ups sit ups , burpees, triceps dips etc etc
Try not to do only treadmill training, when you go outside and start to face the cold/heat/wind/rain/snow you'll find it alot more difficult outside. The more you get outside to run the better :)

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