Intelligent Training International Limited

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by TFC100, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. Intelligent Training International Limited, International Intelligence Limited

    Does anyone have any feedback on these organisations? They are both part of the same group of companies and specialise in intelligence type stuff and training.

    I'm new to this site so if I have erred in anyway please let me know (kindly!!)
  2. As the owner and founder of Intelligent Training International Limited and Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited group of companies, i thank you for visiting my company website.

    should you require any information or references, please feel free to contact me directly at our UK offices.

    Alex Bomberg
    Intelligent Training International Limited
  3. lol, coincidence between these two joining and posting.....
  4. Work in intelligence do you? lol

    Fact is I have a program that tells me where people are visiting my site from, i.e. what URL. I found that I was receiving "hits/traffic" from ARRSE and wanted to find out why. I found the above question about my company and replied.

    Nothing coincidence about it - intelligence is shown in many ways...
  5. ...but the best is not shown at all!


  6. On the contrary the best intelligence is given to those who need it as soon as possible.

    No point in working it all out if you don't tell anybody.
  7. that will be why the "tag line" of my company is "INSIGHT, NOT HINDSIGHT".
  8. Your prices are out of date.
  9. Out of date for who?

    its a new website, so it cant really be that out of date can it?

    we are about to change our surveillance course as it is being rewritten by our new director of training, ready for BTEC/EDEXCEL etc..