Intelligent non-sexual innuendo conversation

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Lifesaver, Mar 10, 2003.

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  1. Hi, I'm very new here and was wondering if it's possible to converse with someone without sexual innuendo.

    On reading some of the boards the whole place seems to be littered with these sorts of comments - and some of the comments are a little close to the edge.
    Don't get me wrong - I like a laugh, but I do sometimes wonder if I have stepped into the local playgroup.

    So if I haven't alienated ALL of you - is there a guy out there in their 40's who is able to have sensible intelligent conversation with a woman in that age group?
  2. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Be warned.  This thread will be policed so play nicely.
  3. Well that's told us. :(
    No, I'm pretty sure there's no man here of that description , able or willing to do fulfill such a radical request...thank goodness ;D
  4. Show us yer tits love ;)
  5. First in.......last out (innuendo?) ;)
  6. It may not be much of a comfort but some of them will actually talk to you afterwards. ;D Well..maybe pass us the remote and the tissues wasn't what you had in mind... :-/
    Oh to us girlies..we can do intelligent..honest ;)
  7. Who the hell comes in here aged 40 or more?

    Toyboy now were talking!!!

    Lifesaver, what do you like to talk about? and why would you want to do it with a squaddie?

    ;)nout wrong with that B CO!
  8. I have a feeling that most of the guys that fit that description read these posts but haven't the guts to add to them (yes, that's you I'm talking about......)

    Once you get past the sexual innuendo most of the guys that post are very capable of thoughtful and intelligent comment (even Ma has been known to, and that's saying something - oh by the way, his favourite put down is to call you 'love'........... ::)) and actually, they're great to hold conversations with.

    You just  have to ignore the sexual content - bizarre how they include it in absolutely everything, but hey, that's martians for you!! I'm sure they find us venusians just as incomprehensible.... ;)
  9. I'm 40 and i come in here all the time  ;D
  10. I am more than capable of adult conversation.

    I choose not to exercise that ability on Arrse.

    I will respect this thread and although itching with temptation to post a profound and sexist remark I shall refrain.

    When you are bored with dull conversation and need a smut injection I shall be loitering about the NAAFI bar being loud and vulgar ;D
  11. Blimey...two birds older than, we need to find a quiet corner and talk politics, or fine wines. take your fancy.  I'll have a nice Shiraz!
  12. Oooops, make that 3 ladies!
  13. Alright love?
  14. Lifesaver! If you can't stand the heat - get outta the kitchen girl. This isn't a Mother's meeting forum or meals on wheels post it board. If you can't have a giggle what's the point in life?

    Mind you that bit with the remote control and tissues - ha ha ha ha ha, that was funny!
  15. It's alright love.....I like a bit of fish now and then ;)