Intelligent men produce better sperm

It might be 'better' but infantry sperm blasts through the other side of the womb. REME sperm acts as glue and mends any broken bits.
I would be willing to bet that sperm is not fitter/happier/more productive just on the basis of intelligence for if that were so I should have stayed and taken a job in my village.

It seems far more likely that on balance intelligent people make better choices, or have better options to make the right choices, regarding fitness, diet, smoking, drinking etc, the upshot ('scuse the pun) of which is healthier sperm.

It is exactly the same argument as the one that states that the poor are not as healthy as those who are better off. It is not that being well off makes you healthier, it just allows you, on the whole to make better lifestyle choices.

It would be far better if the results of the survey just stated that those who make the better lifestyle choices will have the healthier sperm. At it's most basic level it has nothing to do with Intelligence or wealth!

Sorry if I have burst anyone's (spunk) bubble! :wink:
sniper_bob said:

They must be putting Viagra in the tea at Chicksands these days.
Better than sperm in the tea.
The_Dragoon said:
Cavalry sperm does the same job but in a much nicer and classier way.
and wearing nattier trousers.
Bugger! WW got there first
I've heard that the aforementioned "intelligent" sperm sneaks in by the back door, directs the infantry and cavalry sperm to the target, then sidles back out again, denying all knowledge. I couldn't possibly comment..
Being of a charitable disposition, all my donations have been gratis.
"A team from the Institute of Psychiatry analysed data from former US soldiers who served during the Vietnam war era."

Starting from a low base then!

They should have used good old British spunk... closely followed by good old British phlegm! :D
LOL Litotes, I apologise on my part for posting in a very shallow and less than intelluctual manner, it was a heavy night last night.

I suppost it is a valid topic for this forum and it is a good job that 'Intelligent' men produce better sperm! Afterall, the average Op MI's spunk will have to be extremely good indeed to find its way off page 42 of Readers Wives, a computer keyboard or an action sock, in order to find its intended receptacle! :D

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