Intelligent mapping/logistics planning software?


I'm after a software product that works out and visualises travel times across the world by road. What I need is the ability to show travel times as radii from a given hub, but intelligently, I.e. factoring in local road quality. So if I picked Dover, it would show significant range up the M2, but less so along the coast where the roads are poorer.

This would either be an addon to something like Google Maps or a standalone product. Anyone seen this sort of thing? Thanks!
Not sure how much confidence I would have in the first one - from my home in the Highlands 2 hrs in a 'slow car' (50 mph) gets me to Inverness which is fair enough, but it also gets me to Fair Isle which might be a stretch. In the same way 6 hrs from my home in Baltimore gets me almost to Albany, NY - again about right at that speed - but not to Norfolk, VA which is certainly doable in far less time.

And the 'fast car' option is 110mph - which would be pushing it a bit (on either the A9 or I-95).

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