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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by DesktopCommando, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Hi I am currently developing my departments "build up board" to Afganistan next year, and in doing so do you know of any good websites Internet or Intranet, for gain useful information (using dii so this may appear in one line.) .....................I am looking for any unclassified Internet (free) reports available on US Intelligence, as well as Pakistani/Afghan/Iranian Local news sites as well, to update weekly on the board.....................Cheers
  2. Search for AKX (Army Knowledge Exchange) on ArmyNET.
  3. Type LIFC on your intranet search engine
  4. I "may" be able to help. Check your PMs.
  5. Lifc? What's that?
  6. it's short for Liverpool Football Club.
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  7. How did we ever manage with just a newspaper, a couple of copies of Jane's and the brigade majors copy of International Defence Review?

  8. next you'll be saying the brigade int cell was 0+4 back in them days :)
  9. Not sure, I was too busy looking at Readers Wives in Fiesta.
  10. ... and noticing the Army-issue curtains and furniture in the background of at least one minger per month :)
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  11. Now even the JNCOs have copies of the international defence review.
  12. Actually 0+2 in BAOR IIRC
  13. 0+2 to the purists Highlander. CR's a sprog. It's 1+8 nowadays, although I was fortunate enough to lead a 0+16 at one time!
  14. Gosh,'ve never mentioned that before...
  15. He could learn a thing or two from CR, you never hear him mentioning that he's a pilot.........................