Intelligence, or common sense?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Barcode, May 18, 2008.

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  1. Now, I'm not in the Corps (or anything to do with them for that matter), but if this individual is genuine, then am I missing something or are they being rather stupid plastering what they do all over the net?

    (I've since removed the link)

  2. cant see the webpage as on Work computer, (asking Arrse work related questions) but if this is an Int Corps/Armed Forces individual should you be plastering this on a public forum, maybe better, if you feel it is a PERSEC related breech to contact a Int Corps Moderator to investigate this ?
  3. Very good point, I've removed the link.
  4. Which is indicative that you lack both intelligence and common sense, you nugget.
  5. I missed the link but if it's got anything to do with Arrse, PM me and I'll look.
  6. I wonder if you are some "forgotten password" lurker from the past who is stuck in hospital with only your Wi Fi link to keep you company?

    Don't worry Bach, you'll be home by Christamas
  7. wondered when you'd pop in :)
  8. I sense some demented/warped sense of satisfaction in you highlighting this fact since you are no longer in the Corps. :?
  9. why does one sense a personal angle in this...? newly created ID just for trying to drop someone in the poo?

    wonder what your normal ID is, barcode.
  10. I rarely agree with you CR ...but You are spot on.
    Check this geezer's locker
  11. Never mind that, I want to know what that link was to! I say if it's in the public domain then "publish and be damned"!
  12. What is it???

    Eager eyes are awaiting...
  13. It was a link to some girl on a "Do you want to date me" website who posted her pic and said something along the lines of "Hi, I'm in the Int Corps and I'm great"

    As for who this mystery Barcode is.. who knows! His sign up details are equally mysterious what with anonymous email addresses and the like. Wouldn't be surprised if it's her and she's doing a bit of pimping.
  14. Don't date her.

    30 odd 1 MI Lance Jacks have prob hung out the back.
  15. She's read the message I posted her, but still not changed anything.