I am currently studying in my last year of a levels and I am hoping to get a place at RMAS and hopefully get the chance to train for the intelligence corps as an officer however, I’m not looking to study at uni, will this be an issue? Also how will they decide whether the intelligence corps is right for me and choose to select me for this training. If it helps I’m studying Pe, politics and business.


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If you have enough UCAS points, pass AOSB and then successfully apply for the Corps once you're on the downslope at Sandhurst, you can commission into the Int Corps. It might be challenging to be among the least well educationally-qualified people in your unit, of course; there are many graduates and post-graduates in the non-commissioned ranks of the Corps.

Commanding Int Corps soldiers can be challenging - and you'll probably never get to be a real deep technical intelligence specialist, while there will be intelligence roles in your career, generally the job is commanding the specialists or doing staff jobs, which may or may not have an intelligence remit.

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Going to University & doing a language like Russian, Arabic or Chinese would help.
3 that MI are currently looking at or the Military might send you to Shiverham to get an in house degree.

Friend's daughter recently applied & was offered Sandhurst then doing a Language course prior to joining MI and doing relevant training with there battalion, lots of support offered and she ends up with a good degree, but it ties her in to serving for at least so many years.

Good luck.