Intelligence 'failures'

So, after the Defence Select committee's chat with CDS, VCDS and CGS, and Major General Mick Laurie's letter to the Iraq inquiry, has anyone any thoughts on 'intelligence failures' or corrupting intelligence assessments to suit the politicians?

War is a bummer, chief of defence staff tells MPs | UK news | (Sorry for the use of a pinko-commie left-wing paper, but it is an accurate reflection of the report on 'Today in Parliament' on Radio 4...unless the BBC are using impressionists to fake the programme)

BBC News - Iraq inquiry: Campbell dossier evidence questioned

(BBC - Comedy - Clips by 'Misery Bear' - put in for Adastra's entertainment)


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Surely you don't expect me to rise to such pathetic bait?

Are there two Mrs Ravens now?

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Perhaps we have the first Mrs Raven Walt?? Can anyone bring some MTI to bear?

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