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Intelligence Doubt.

ZW Clanger

Good Evening people, I am a mum who at 00:14( I'm now reposting here at 06:35) I'm writing on here concerned.
I have a daughter who is only a few weeks away from completely her basic phase 1 training in Pirbright, she started this army journey over a year ago wanting to apply for the Intelligence corps linguistics/language role. She has been to uni, learnt Japanese, a Gcse in Spanish & has self taught some Korean. She saw all the positives, passed so many tests, vetting, drill, inspections & PT etc Her revision, perseverance & fitness has excelled (even though she is a creature of comfort) I am very proud of what she has achieved(especially under these virus constrictions). And with phase 2 in chicksands around the corner, she is well on her way to doing what she loves.
SO this week she has declared that the army path to translation/languages is now not for her!!!? I've tried to get to the bottom of it, its caused a lot of raised voices. To say I'm not disappointed is an understatement, I feel she will be making a huge mistake giving up now.
I believe she worries about the job role being still heavily PT & full exercises. She has been bombarded with lots of info, which I believe she's only hearing the negatives? She still wants to do languages/translation but on civi street. This does not compute in my head. What can I do? Is there anyone out there in this type of role who can give her an insight/realities of this role? Think she needs someone to speak to.
I'm gutted she's got this far to throw in the towel. She has a lot to offer but I feel she is now on a 'downer' and in flee mode.
Any advice, reassurance or help for both her & myself would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,
Kindest regards
Kelzi. ☹
Happy to discuss over a bottle of wine and some roasted peanuts.

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