Intelligence documents release

Yesterday's high Court decision to release some small details about so-called 'special rendition' ( Don't you just love US terminology?) raises a few questions. On R4 Milliband was getting all hot under the collar and nervous about damage to the Special Relationship that might be caused by the publication of what appears to be some rather trivial details ( We grabbed someone, moved them about and tortured them).In reality, it seems he was responding to some potentially nasty threats from the US...don't do as we say, and hey, who knows what horrible 'terrorist' actions might take place on your soil, to say nothing of trade sanctions and other stuff. Should our government and judiciary be bowed by foreign powers? Do people usually threaten their 'friends'? Let's face it, it's another whitewash anyway, wasn't it nice of the court to give a delay to allow the government to ram in an appeal, and what will be the result of that I wonder? Democracy, wherefore art thou???????

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