Intelligence Corps What next?

I completed my BARB test today with a score of 60. Enough (according to these forums) to bring up the Operator Military Intelligence position. However, due to the fact I have 4 GCSEs at grade C or above I have been turned down for the position.

I understand fully the strict guidelines for positions in the forces, but at 31 years old and with numerous financial skills behind me (part qualified accountant), I would of thought that some leway would be given.

The recruiter didn't seem too interested in my actual application but what comes out of the BARB and my GCSE grades. I'm absolutely gutted.

Does anyone know of way's to get round this, or is it a case of obtaining another GCSE?
At 31 years old you may be too old to reapply for intel by the time you get another GCSE.

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