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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by yorksboy, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. yorksboy

    yorksboy Crow

    Hi im going to the intelligence corps selection and was wodnering what clothing i need to take because the information i got from my local careers office didnt say. Except i need a suit for the interview.

    Any help plz

    Thanks alot
  2. Gust.Avrakotos

    Gust.Avrakotos Old-Salt

    Suit, shirt, tie and no sports kit needed so I have been told.
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It's a job interview, so dress accordingly. All the information you are going to get is in the thread entitled 'Intelligence Corps Selection - the Official Answer' in the 'stickies' area above.
  4. kes1

    kes1 Crow

    Apologies firstly for deviating from the subject slightly.

    Mods - can the TA Int Corps selection post ( ) be updated to show the requirement for TA to now do the the technical selection weekend and a brief outline of what is involved?
  5. And also some mention of 5 might be handy.
  6. yorksboy

    yorksboy Crow

    Yes thank you for your replys i know i need to take a suit for the inerview
    thanks for the help
  7. Well only if you must. :wink:
  8. ForestFruit

    ForestFruit Swinger

    Yes, you're right. Wait, i'll do it... ready..... wait for it......... 5. There, mentioned it.
  9. geordie_g

    geordie_g War Hero

  10. The_Dragoon

    The_Dragoon War Hero

    Yorksboy, don't forget to wear the suit not just take it with you !
  11. geordie_g

    geordie_g War Hero

    Or do what one lad did at ADSC this month. He left it on the train.
  12. yorksboy

    yorksboy Crow

    Do i need to go down there in the suit?????? i thought the suit was need only for the last day for the interview????
  13. eye_spy

    eye_spy LE

    That may be so Yorksboy. However, just think of the impression you will give when you pitch up dressed in a smart suit rather than a pair of tatty old jeans and t-shirt with expletives written all over it.

    Remember the old adage - First impressions count!
  14. Gust.Avrakotos

    Gust.Avrakotos Old-Salt

    Totally agree. I recently had to interview half a dozen kids (I say kids, but they only three years younger than me) for an engineering apprenticeship at my firm.

    Seven applicants, one space; I knew the second I walked in the door one of the two wearing a suit would get my vote and my colleagues all said the same once the day was over.
  15. eye_spy

    eye_spy LE

    There you go Yorksboy, clear direction if ever you needed it.

    Don't expect that much direction once you are in however!!!