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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Arfur, Dec 22, 2004.

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  1. I've browsed the topic titles in this section to see if anyone else has raised this; it doesn't instantly jump off the screen if they have, but apologies if I'm covering old ground.

    There's a lot on here about transferring into the Intelligence Corps, but I passed RCB in September. I'm going to Sandhurst in May, and I'm currently sponsored by the Light Division; that said, I'm slightly wary of joining the Infantry as I'm 25, which I understand is slightly older than average.

    I've been looking into joining the Int Corps, I was merely wondering if anyone could tell me firstly, what the requirements are, and secondly, if they'd recommend it. I'm fairly robust intellectually, straight A's at A-Level and a degree in Law & Politics.

    I'm planning on contacting my Careers Officer in January to arrange a fam visit, but any advice / heads up would be appreciated.
  2. Go for it, if at first you don't suceed, etc etc, I know plenty of guys who didn't get in directly from Sandhurst but transferred in a short time later.

    Well done for you quals, but in this corps you'll find plenty of guys in the ranks with good degrees too, some are more qualified than the officers they serve under! It's quite unique.

    All the best.
  3. Yes it is quite unique, and often a huge source of annoyance and irritation to the other ranks to have to "serve under" (if you believe that FNUSNU)another daft rodney, equally or lesser qualified, straight from Sandhurst. If you do come across, please leave the Sandhurst attitude at the door on the way in, thankyou very much :) .
  4. But I thought the best way to lead soldiers was by throwing one's weight around and claiming to know everything? Is that not how it's done, then?
  5. "Quite unique"?

    Gah! It's like listening to Americans.

    In English, something is either unique or it isn't - there aren't degrees of uniqueness. Even my lowliest minion knows that.

    Someone get me a biscuit - I think my blood sugar is too low, as I am pointlessly ranting again.
  6. Well there probably are, because 'English' is largely defined by its users. Perhaps you should ask Number 2 to flap a copy of 'Fowlers' in front of you from time to time.
  7. Do you mean new Fowler's (the one that lets you say wha'evah you want how you want, innit)? Not sure even that would be happy to let you away with using English in a way which undermines the clarity of the ideas it expresses.

    I'm not in favour of linguistic purity - that was something one of my fellow megalomaniacs was into, and look where that got him. It's just that I prefer having a word that expresses uniqueness - and "unique" seems pretty apt for the job, unless people dilute it.

    But mostly I was just having a go at the people on this thread who were banging on about all the degrees they have. Saying "quite unique" doesn't quite tally with being a hyper-intellect aiming for the Int Corps.

    What larks!

    Now, where's my Hob Nob?
  8. I never said I had an English degree! In fact I dont have a degree, was justing telling it how it is, even if it was with bad grammar!

  9. SD nazis will be shot!!!

    ..... asymmetry will always triumph over pendantry...

    methinks chickenpunk and Dr Evil would both appear to be "librarians"

    Probably both Jaricites, or other dark~siders, who also have both Rogets and Debretts Correct Form available in their workstations!!!

    sad...sad...sad :cry:
  10. Looks like you've got the hang of things already!
  11. How dare you, Sir! Pistols at dawn... Jaric-ite dark-sider my arse...
  12. Sorry to shatter your illusions but being at JARIC does'nt make you a dark sider.

    There is more to life than HUMINT you know
  13. I'm horrified that Jaric-ites were inserted into the same sentence as dark siders. As an ex dark sider, i can assure you that nothing could upset me more than to sit in a room with no windows, completing the same mundane task week in, week out..... er wait a minute..../ :oops:
  14. Jaric-Weird Names but very helpful people even unto the uncircumcised :lol: