Intelligence Corps - New Portsmouth Detachment

Can anyone give me further details about this new detachment.

Reason I ask, is I may be interested in joining and would like to know where in Pompey it will be based (Hilsea I presume) and when it will be started up (if not already). Also, who do I need to contact (address, tel, email) to get some more info?

Any help would be appreciated.

Where are they going to find clever people in portmouth :twisted: ?
Not heard anything or seen any local advertising .
if you can't find it yourself your probably not intelligent enough!

no seriously why have chosen portsmouth of all places?!
I was at a military event in Pompey last year; and a ranked individual from this very Detachment acosted me in attempt to draw me over to the dark side.

They...(were/are)...interested in people with experience; rank, language qualifications/aptitude, enthusiasm and personal drive. As they were/are building a unit from scratch they're looking to establish themselves with a group of people who have been around a bit and know the ropes.

If you're ex reg, or current TA of lance-corporal or above, they'll probably look at you. But I think they said they were doing ok for new recruits.
Contact ROSO 3 MI Bn on 0207 611 3912 or 3910.

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