Intelligence Associate within Deutsche Bank.

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by daveascott, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Please see details below of a new opportunity at Deutsche Bank.

    IF you would like to be considered for the role please either email a copy of
    your current CV to or call 020 7545 5811

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Kindest Regards

    David Ascott

    Introduction: The Protective Intelligence (PI) section of CSBC is responsible for
    providing data and analysis for threat trends, patterns, indications and warnings
    to internal and selected external clients, enhancing the protection of people,
    processes, information and infrastructure. The globally distributed nature of the
    firm’s operations requires regional presence in key areas. This position will be in
    New York and support operations in hub locations in London, Singapore,
    Frankfurt, New York and Mumbai.
    Key Attributes Required: The skill set for the Intelligence Associate role
    includes some mandatory items.
    􀂄 The candidate must be able to communicate fluently in written and spoken
    English. The ability to delivery smoothly edited reports, concepts and
    recommendations is a critical skill. Strong skills in the use of Microsoft Office
    components are required, including Powerpoint, Word and Excel. The
    candidate must have a fundamental understanding of web based publishing
    and content management.
    􀂄 The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of security matters
    as they relate to multinational corporate interests.
    􀂄 Candidates must be able to communicate across financial and security
    domains, and demonstrate the acumen necessary to interface credibly with
    DB internal customers (i.e. security, business and infrastructure
    representatives). An understanding of the investment banking business model
    and the associated key business activity streams and products required is
    􀂄 The candidate must be able to hold a passport and be able to travel
    internationally, with an emphasis on the selected region. Language skills are
    an advantage.
    Position Roles & Responsibilities:
    􀂃 The Intelligence Associate (IA) has a multidisciplinary role. Project
    Management, Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills and Analytical abilities
    are all incorporated into this position.
    􀂃 The IA will have three principal duties, including direct support to the Global
    Head of PI, direct support to Protective Intelligence regional representatives
    and delivery of the Protective Intelligence web portal.
    􀂃 The Intelligence team develops a rigorous set of DB-specific, business
    focused security intelligence requirements aligned to support the protective
    functions of Corporate Security and Business Continuity including the
    following activity streams:
    o Crisis Management
    o Business Continuity Management
    o Event & Executive Protection
    o Building Protection
    o Information Protection
    o Fraud Prevention & Investigations
    􀂃 The IA will report to the Global Head of Protective Intelligence (CSBC). The
    Candidate can expect to work closely with both the business revenue
    generating front office, operations, and other infrastructure functions
    (Facilities, Sourcing, Operational Risk Management, IT, etc.). Support to
    Deutsche Bank's strategy of aggressive organic growth and bolt-on
    acquisitions and outsourcing initiatives in emerging markets is an important
    work stream in this position.
    Location, Compensation and Travel
    􀂃 The main PI effort will be located at DB branch locations in London, New
    York, Singapore, Frankfurt and Mumbai, with increasing support to
    expanding DB franchises, particularly in the region's emerging markets. At
    Deutsche Bank, CSBC resides with the Legal, Risk, and Capital (LRC)
    function under the management responsibility of the Group Chief Risk
    􀂃 The ability to travel internationally and regionally is mandatory. Travel
    requirements may average 10%, and surge to over 25% in response to
    crises or emergent requirements.
  2. A mate of mine is working his notice there. He reckons its not a nice place to work- often worked so late he ended up sleeping at his desk.
  3. I think you'll find that's true with all of the first-tier investment banks. Al lot of the people I work with work until the early hours or pull all-nighters.

    The up-side is the annual bonus.
  4. That's why you go to can only work while the markets are open.

    DB is very a very political organisation, and has had some unwanted internal "security"related issues recently .
  5. Boxhead banker scum!

    Sorry, just trying to see the world from Fally's perspective.
  6. Send key code, over.

    Edited: I think I figured it out.