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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Talbot, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. Talbot

    Talbot Crow

    Ive just started my application process (got my barb on friday) and i was thinking about going into the army into the intelligence corp, i was wondering if any1 could let me know what its really like or any other information that isnt published on the army mod site. Thanks in advance.
  2. Mr_Bridger

    Mr_Bridger War Hero

  3. catchyerselfon

    catchyerselfon War Hero

    Well he is starting right! Sneaky Fecker
    Bloody Slime
  4. Talbot, do you enjoy Earl Grey tea and Scrabble?
  5. Talbot

    Talbot Crow

    who doesnt
  6. Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans! CR is that you? BARBGENIUS my arrse!
  7. AF1771

    AF1771 LE

  8. Talbot

    Talbot Crow

    this site is shit, you give no advice or help to anyone.
  9. 1. Try looking in the right forum

    2. Don't bite so easily

    3. If you give up this easily, do you really think that you could last in the Forces?

    Oh I do hope that Barbgenius is back. You bored of marriage already CR?
  10. Talbot

    Talbot Crow

  11. Talbot take no notice of these cruel old fcukers who live to rag innocent people like you.
    Do you think you are clever enough for Intelligence I would have thought that anyone clever enough to work in intel would find answers without compromising themself you dumb fcuk
  12. Talbot

    Talbot Crow

    im clever enough, therefore i stopped wasting my time asking morons like yourselves and did the research.
  13. Nooooooooooo We know we are not worthy, but please try and find a grain of BARBGENIUS kindness and let us share at least some of your questions??

    Or have you gone to another forum already??
  14. Talbot

    Talbot Crow

    i havnt gone to another forum, still looking round here. I just did my barb test on friday and i made the cut for the intelligence corp. But i was told its mainly office based where as i would much prefer doing something active. Im now looking into being a royal marines commando officer. Since im still in education i can get a grant of up to £1,000 from the navy.

    basically im looking for a role within the army which will challenge me phisically every day but wont waste my qualifications.

    edit: what the **** is barb genius?
  15. Could be a geotech... :D