Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by auberonvonbulow, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Are there many officers who you would describe as intellectuals? How are they upon by their fellow officers and soldiers? Are topics such as politics, philosophy, art, literature disucssed alot in the officers mess?
  2. WAH !!!!! :D

    This is ARRSE - nobody knows what 'Intellectualism' means on this site.

  3. Not you again... enfant-wah.

    Surely intellectualism gets in the way of your single-minded crusade to the top of the pile as quickly as possible? Don't worry about it - in your case any form of self realisation is going to be a rather painful experience.
  4. If you stand around waffling shite that nobody understands (regardless of how clever it is) then people will label you a weirdo, or billy no mates or both.

    You may isolate yourself in the mess and with your soldiers, for the sake of showing you are "intelligent" or "intellectual" - you can be that without needing to ram it dowm throats.
  5. short answer no.
    long answer hahaha no, more likely to talk about the football.
    some people, shockingly, are intelligent without advertising.
    honestly i suggest you join the ta, see what you think, then reconsider the regs. its possible you may be too much of a delicate flower for the army, look at the raf as i suggested before.
  6. I must say the responses are disappointing.
  7. To be honest I have to agree.

    I expected them to tear you a new one.

    Dissappointing people, very dissappointing.
  8. I am disappointed that there seems to be an anti intellecutalism amongst officers.
  9. How do you define intellectual?
  10. why would that be dissapointing? what did you expect? officers arent stupid, but they dont call themselves intellectuals. theyre more of a sports crowd
  11. It's probably because everybody's recognised the fact that you're a bit of an arrogant, pretentious pratt.

  12. Someone who is deeply involved in thoughts and theories often very abstract one's. Someone who is a man of letters and can discuss a wide range of topics like those mentioned in my first post.
  13. But the two arn't mutually exclusive are they? Sports equals not an intellectual seems to be what you are saying.
    Would Amercians call them 'jocks'?
  14. Why the personal attack? Are you a squaddie?
  15. well they arent jocks exaclty...but they mainly have degrees, know a lot about politics and have opinions, i myself have a degree in philosophy, but they wouldnt call themselves intellectuals because its mainly banter. and stop this arrogance toward soldiers, the army is the wrong job for that view.
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