Intel officer application for RAF - advice needed pls

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by andrejwout, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Intelligence Officer

    Hi. Im thinking about applying for an intelligence officer positionin the RAf and wanted to know a bit about it. I have heard on various forums (army admittedly) that the RAF Intel is very limited now and sourced out to Army Ops etc. On that basis its been implied that there is very limited opportunity in the IO field in the RAF. Please give me any advice you have. Im just 34 , so not a kiddy , and need to change my life for the better with a good career. I have a degree and other qualifications, which might help. Is this worth my while pursuing, or is it a bit of a white elephant.


    andrej wout
  2. You're perfect for an intelligence officer! Why?:
    1) You're posting on an Army Forum.
    2) Your spelling and grammar is poor.
    3) Go to a AFCO, they've got the best gen for you.
  3. Wow.....ive read a few forum posts on here and can see how unpleasant some of you people can be. Firstly, my keyboard is sticky. Second, after a day at the dole office being exterminated and humiliated a bit drunk and tired. third, my grammar, as you put it, isnt poor.......just suffering from the above and the fact we arent writing a bloody essay but merely a forum message. Fourth........i happen to be educated to a very very high standard. That doesnt make me better thn anyone and i never wanted to imply so.However, it seems that vermin like yrself will show the colour of their own shit and thus be condemned as so. Thank you for making myself feel drunkedly better about myself. Incidentally, this reply is referring to one person only.
  4. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Right. Here's the skinny on this thread. Anyone else who cares to post unhelpful crap will be deleted straight away so crack on fellas. Reasonable RAF vs Army banter always accepted.

    RAF Liney, grow up or fuck off.
  5. Sticky keyboard? Well you've got the most important part of military life sorted already.

    Other than that your best bet is to speak to the fellas at the AFCO about it - see what the job entails, whether many are deployed at present etc. etc.

  6. Fair one but the unemployable dullard is posting on an Army forum asking about a crab job.

    It would be akin to me asking for advice about sheep shearing on a brick laying forum. Fcuking pointless.

    Seems to be quite a few random new members asking totally pointless questions possibly attempting to get a rise. Almost the bastard love children of Barbgenius. :roll:

    PS Just so my post appears to be helpful, ask on PPrune, E Goat or
  7. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    All well and good but he's asking from an Army point of view. If he was asking purely from a crab POV then weapons free.

    Moved to the officers forum because he might, just might, get a sensible answer!
  8. From what he's written, he is asking for advice on RAF IOs and what the scope of the job is.

    He has even said his info has come from army forums so one would suggest he goes straight to source and asks the relevant agencies. The crabs for example. :roll:

    34 year old, with a degree, unemployed and has the presentation skills of a four year old?

    I suggest he goes for a commission in the RLC. He'll be a full Col within four years.
  9. Now, before you get too stroppy, RAF Liney's reply is probably based on the following:

    You've asked for advice on an RAF subject. As an Army-related website, you're in the wrong place for good advice.

    If your intention was to quiz the Army Intel people, possibly with a view to taking up an Army post, as opposed to an RAF one, then you've dropped into the wrong Forum. Despite the title, this one is mainly for people to discuss newspaper articles etc. You'd be better off in the Int Cops forum where the Intel people hang out. Go here:

    Your username suggests that you're not a British citizen - I could be wrong on this - which could give you problems. The best place to enquire is an RAF Careers Information Office or an Army Careers Information Office.

    Having a degree is not necessarily a door-opener into commissions in the Armed Forces. It depends on what degree it is. Also, a significant number of recruits for non-commissioned service also have degrees. Degrees are fairly commonplace now and don't have the status that they once had.

    Perhaps it would be better to discuss potentially life-changing career moves when you're not under the influence of alcohol. It's a serious move and should be treated as such.

    With so many people holding the educational requirements for commissioned service, the ability to construct grammatically correct and well-spelled communications is given greater importance than previously was the case. Officers in the Armed Forces currently have a greater burden of paperwork than ever before and to progress, it is necessary to show that your ability in this respect is greater than that of others.

    It's a sad indictment, but that's the way of the modern view on career progression.

    I hope that this has helped and that you can understand that RAF_Liney's post was not intended as a personal attack.

    I reiterate, contact the Intel people in their own forum and you may get somewhere.
  10. over......thanks for that contact anyway. Look im obviously not a forces lad at this point and im looking for advice not just bollox between forces. I cant go to army cos in just 34 and too old. What im trying to ask is if the RAf intel is ok.(even if you hate them) from an objective P OF VIEW.........cheers

  11. We would have little idea as this is an army forum.

    Ask here or for a less sensible answer, ask here.

    Or as has been suggested, try the Int Corps forum on here.

    34 and a johnny foreigner? Unless you are fluent in Arabic, you may find even the crabs cant use you.
  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    First time i've ever seen a LEC cleaner apply for a job beneath his current one :D
  13. In reply..........yes i see his point and he is correct. I don't know what to do and i appreciate the feedback/..............albiet more drunk now. The link you gave me but it referred me to same place. Can i this only for ARMY.!? Im aware there is serious rivalry but can i not get a pleasant get-go comment from the boy!?!?!??!

  14. The clue is in the sites name. One would hope a potential IO would not need an Enigma machine to decypher that one. ;)

    Its not about rivalry, its about what info you are after and how we can give you a subjective point of view.

    What do you want to know?
  15. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    The crabs will have you, definately - because no-one here knows what the hell you are on about.

    Get-go comment from the boy? WTF?