Intel Gathering - Who would be interested in Midlands Crawl

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Rincewind, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. Yeah i am definately up for that

  2. Might be - depends on the wallet/government/duty war zone/other half

  3. god no

  4. God No - been there and its pants

  5. depends on whos cooking the breakfast

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  1. Ok so we have had crawls in the Dam, lundun, and about to have one so far up north that they all talk funny.

    i am thinking of organising a crawl in Chesterfield.

    "so what" i hear you cry...

    Chesterfield is right slap bang in the middle of the UK. its on the M1, a stone throw from the A1, its serviced by a major rail route and has 3 airports within 45 min.

    What i can offer.......

    Well as a key holder to the TA Bks i can offer for the usual fee of £20....

    A polo shirt
    A floor space for your maggot
    a shower
    Full cooked english breakfast

    Chesterfield is totty rich, there are a lot of single people of the opposit sex and there are a LOT of pubs and a few night spots.

    the local currency is pound sterling and the staple diet is kebab/pizza and is eddible.

    Loads of Hotels locally for the "too posh for sleeping bags"

    All proceeds will go to the Sea Cadet Unit (registered charity number 520432) who are desperately trying to raise funds to convert Chavs into normal people.

    Dates will be put to the vote if interest is good. but looking towards the spring.

    So - what do you reccon?

  2. Now that Tony Benn is no longer the local MP - count me in :D
  3. Which git ticked "depends on whos cooking" :)

    I would be.

    I am qualified if it helps...

  4. Throw in a trip to Alton Towers and Im there!!! Bout time there was an Alton Towers ARRSE meet...
  5. except that AT costs a small fortune....

    Oh forgot to mention - can park your cars in the bks too...

  6. Sounds good to me and id be up for a bit of Alton Towers action too.
  7. Sweet!

  8. Yeah. So we've been told.
  9. :evil: But I want to go to AT
  10. TrollyDolly wrote:
    Sounds good to me and id be up for a bit of back door action too.



    Funny very very funny :roll:

    Those sea cadets have been rubbing off on u Rincy and from what i heard its not the first time :wink:
  11. Tell you what - we will have the crawl on a saturday night and after breakfast on sunday morning you can go to AT for shits and giggles (UDI's allowing)

  12. :roll: Okay!
  13. Breakfast and a ride on the biggest, wildest, wettest rides around.......not the arrse maidens you understand ;)

    Beebs :D
  14. Are you refering to my motorbike?

  15. just posting to make it apear again - seems to be more people online now.

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