Integrity and 'compulsory mobilisation'

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by nsstab, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. When I joined the TA I was told that all the tours at present are voluntary. Around this time I get made redundant on civvy street and go job hunting. To my surprise potential employers didn't tell me to immediately jog on when I mention that I was in the middle of my TA training, and I tried my best to put the best light on it.. 'transferable skills, not likely to be compulsory mobilised unless we get invaded or something, tours are voluntary'. I find an employer who appear to be remarkably generous to reservists, at least at a group level, if not quite as clued up locally.

    I complete my phase 2 training, and put my hand up for an operational tour in the future. Awesome. First informal briefing regarding it and we are told 'Do not tell your employer that you are volunteering for this, if you do then you are a mong'. Checked my CDRILS card to see I hadn't imagined that whole I bit. nope.

    So can anyone explain to me what the story is? Why are we having to lie to our employers? what difference does it make if its written up as voluntary or compulsory either way? Is the other TA employee (whom I don't know) going to come and put the boot in for me inadvertantly giving the game away?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    You volunteer for mobilisation and you get mobilised. If you tell your employer that it is 'compulsory' and they check the facts standby to be sacked on the spot for lying and also for a reference which says exactly why they terminated your employment.

    The last actual compulsory mobilisation was Nov 05.

  3. Because the CoC don't have the balls to do it properly.
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  4. Hmm, not sure I agree. Everyone that deploys as a Reservist is compulsory mobilised. They each receive a call out notice under the Reserve Forces Act, requiring them by law to report for duty.

    What happens before that point is different. Yes, the individual volunteers, but is subsequently compulsory mobilised.
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You have a moron briefing you.

    Whilst you are compulsorily mobilised for the purposes of employment protection, you have volunteered to do so. Lie to your employer at your peril.
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  6. You volunteer for compulsory mobilisation. This means your employer keeps your job for you. If you say you volunteered, then your employer doesn't have to keep your job open. So in a way the army is doing you a favour by saying you we're compulsory mobilised. Stick with the programme!
  7. Volunteering to be compulsorily mobilised. Another example of MOD having an utter lack of cojones. They'll be calling us "Casual labour" next.....
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  8. Well actually, it works very well.

    Rather than force people to deploy when they don't want to, they compulsory mobilise those that want to go.

    Providing there are enough willing volunteers, and we don't enter into any crazy conflicts, then this is how it should be.

    Don't you think?
  9. The only problem with that system is there are plenty in the TA who will never volunteer and are happy to o on 'free' holidays whilst claiming their jubilee and VRSM medals...
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    There are.

    That doesn't make your suggestion to tell your employer that you have been the subject of compulsory mobilisation without explaining the process any more sensible though. No employer likes being lied too, and a quick Google session will tell them all they need to know, and that they have been lied to.
  11. Unless you were infantry, surely a few months in sunnier climates beats any day job!
  12. You do realise that some people might actually believe that, don't you?

    You volunteer to be mobilised on a compulsory basis.

    Oops, the world has already said that...
  13. Would it avoid problems with the employer if you avoid the word "volunteer"?

    You "indicate/confirm your availability". Then you are mobilised when required.
  14. That playing with semantics is worthy of an MP; if you don't volunteer/indicate/confirm your availability, you won't go anywhere. I can't imagine that any employer stupid enough to believe the 'compulsory' bit without checking first, possibly with SABRE, if they're still going, would still be in business when you get back anyway.
  15. 1) If people don't wish to run the risk of being deployed, why do they join in the first place? Cull all the deadwood.

    2) The RAuxAF inform you that by signing on the line you understand that you may be compulsorily mobilised. Why can't the TA do this?

    3) If you join the reserves but don't wish to be mobilised/deployed then you should be discharged forthwith and sent to live in Macrihanesh.