Integration or an abusive rejection of all our freedoms?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jun 22, 2007.

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  2. Thank god I don't live in the UK any more.

    It drives me fcuking insane all this shit :x
  3. I still live here... **sigh**

    More of the same, it would appear...
  4. Can feel your pain... we have quite a few folks emmigrating here who are attempting to recreate the society THEY JUST RAN FROM!
  5. Oh the irony...
  6. Indeed. It always happens now that the PC brigade are so worried about defending the "rights" of foreign cultures (Note 1) that often the natives are left behind and completely ignored (Note 2)

    Note 1 - By Foreign Culture, I mean a culture not associated with Britain i.e. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. I'm quite happy for these people to practice their culture and religion, however, I do not wish, in a Christian society with a christian culture, for these people to thrust their foreign culture unto us - We've already got one and we don't want another.

    Note 2 - By Natives, i'm going to sound racist. But I basically mean someone who has a full British background - by which I do not simply mean "I was born here". I mean someone who can trace their family back at least to grandparents who lived here first.
  7. Well, you are being racist. What does the time span matter? Surely the only thing that matters is attitude and behaving as you should?

    You could have someone who arrived last year and is perfectly integrated, but a suicide bomber who is third generation.
  8. Good point, clownbasher. Looking at it again,my comment was racist. Which is annoying because I have friends of different cultures/colours/creeds etc. I just get extremely annoyed by people who flee their countries for whatever reason but try to import their whole culture without a thought for the people who ALREADY live here, with our own culture.

    So I withdraw my comment, it was racist.
  9. Well, it's probably a bit harsh - I knew what you meant. You have the right point, which only an imbecile could dispute, but brown-ness, geographical origin, time of residence and to some extent religion don't need to matter as long as the person is able to understand your point.

    We have however seen that certain groups are less disposed to making the adaptation we reasonably expect.
  10. Problem is really that it's not even like ALL muslims don't make the effort, or ALL hindus, etc. It's a minority. And that's just bloody awkward, because you can't identify those who are not integrating and those who are integrating but still wearing some of their cultural clothing, until the non-integrated one blows you up.

    Obviously exagerrated, but the issue facing todays security services is bloody difficult.
  11. How do things work when veilled women need to identify themselves?

    You can't wear a veil for passport photos. Do the immigration officers require veils to be lifted when the passport is being used to enter the UK?

    What about using your season ticket on a bus or train? Season tickets come with a photo ID card. Do veiled women need to 'expose' themselves to the driver or conductor?

    Not forgetting work places where you need to wear a photo ID. Not much point in that if your face is covered. Does MoD ban veils in the workplace?
  12. I aplologise for this - too many G+T's (how Kuffar of me!). If they wanna wear it, let 'em.

    The problem is that it instantly creates a barrier between muslims - or those muslims that want to insist on the niqab - and everybody else.

    Therefore, if they wanna wear it, let 'em do it in whatever country it is the normal practice. Although, I think the use of it has probably exploded in recent years as a youthful rebellion - type thing.

    The solution would appear to be, therefore, not to care if they wear it. I'd stop short of pointing the finger and laughing as it would probably be inflammatory - albeit the narural reaction.

    If I lived in a city whose normal custom was to walk around naked, naked I would be. Being clothed would make me feel just silly - religious convictions or not.

    That's what the niqab is in the UK- silly. Perhaps in the ME it is less deserving of ridicule. End of.

    Before I'm attacked for saying that a religious practice is ridiculous, if you are religious, look at the next few religions and tell me you find nothing ridiculous in their practices.

    Catholicism. (forgiveness for any sins)
    Islam (Sunni). (no music unless religious)
    Sikhism. (wrap up your hair!)
    Voodoo. ('nuff said)
    Buddhism. (gaze on your navel...)
    CoE (dusty....)
    Judaism (you are impure if you don't cut off bits of your coc$)
    Rastafarian (smoke lots of weed, worship an old Pres, and make your hair look silly) - Actually that one doesn't sound too bad! :eek:
  13. You could say that about any group - particularly the Army!

    Agree with your main point though.
  14. Hmm,

    Perhaps I offended a few people with my last post?

    Good effort, me! time for another G+T!

    If your religion, and faith, is robust, you won't feel offended. If you're stuck in the middle ages, you should be fuming by now...
  15. Err no.. how many have you had?