Integrate TA into Regular Army units

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by irlsgt, May 23, 2007.

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  1. I know that under FAS, some Regular units will have TA personnel as part of the structure (and visa versa). In fact it may already be the case already.

    Some examples from FAS:
    a regular bty in the TA STA artillery regiment
    a TA sqn as part of 33 Engr Regt (EOD)
    a TA topographic sqn as part of 42 Engr Regt (Geo)
    TA platoons for RMP companys

    I forsee one problem with the fact that 1 or 2 TA infantry battalions will be part of each Regiment and will work only with them - the rest of the regiment (Regulars) could be based (semi-permanently under FAS) at the other end of the country or in Germany. That is unless for example, the former Chesires (regular) are based in the general area of Chesire. This is a simified example.

    Could the TA be better organised & trained by the more wide spread use of this?

    For example, each regular army Infantry Battalion & Artillery Regiment could have a formed TA company/battery to augment it to warfighting strength.
  2. It was done in the mid 90s when 269 Bty were the 4th Bty of the regular 19 Regiment RA.

    269 had a great time, as there was plenty of kit, assistance and with the Airmobile role, helicopters and exciting stuff going on. 19 Regt got some IRs for Bosnia in 1995 and excercises.

    A shame it wasn't carried on. There was a bit of an issue when 19 moved to Colchester from Topcliffe, but both sides put the effort it to make it work.

    I thought at the time it was a good way forward, and I still think that way.
  3. This has been in effect for some time (read 10 years +) and in the event of a major war (3rd Shock Army etc) then the Regular Batt would form the 4th Sqn of the HAC.

    The locations can be a little problematic for training, as getting from London to Catterick on a Friday night for a weekend's training can be an arrse ache.

    How ever in reality there is a good working relationship between the units and the Batt provide a PSI for the TA version of the trade course STA Spec Op.

    How it possibly could be made better is to change locations of the units involved and therefore the logistical nightmare would be over. But that prob wont happen either.
  4. our troop ( 412 Tp ) has been the third troop in a reg Sqn for the last ten years ! Works fine .
  5. The only problem I see is that Regulars don't like working weekends and TA don't like working weekdays.

    Unless you have something that needs 7 day manning.... Then again you'll have a gap on Fridays between 12-1930.
  6. 269 seemed to work very well, maybe thats the structure that should have been adopted, not the current abortion
  7. The idea has been considered before - when 5 QUEEN'S was formed in 1967 it was initially a reinforcement battalion for the four Regular Battalions of the Queen's Regiment.

    If mobilised, A (Queen's Royal Surreys) Coy would go to 1 QUEEN'S, B (Queen's Own Buffs) Coy to 2 QUEEN's, C (Royal Sussex) Coy to 3 QUEEN'S and D (Middlesex) Coy to 4 QUEEN'S.
  8. 275 Railway Troop are now under 17 P&M Regiment, it will be interesting to see how things go.
  9. SOME of the RAMC Medical Regiments have TA Sqns, they seem to work fine althought sometimes it can take quite a while to get information from the TA Sqn as the man that can has'nt shown up for a couple of weeks !
  10. 4 and 5 Regiments RMP have 2 TA coys and a Reg coy each since 2001. Works OK (ish) most of the time.
  11. Aside from BFG, it ought to be possible in the medium term. It would require what's left of the County regiments to be based back in their Counties though which might cost a few quid. Shame.
  12. Apparently in the near future, some of the REME TA Bns will become 'hybrid' battalions, taking on Reg CS Coy's.

    i know 101 and 102 are moving along these lines, unsure about 103?

    Sounds like it could work quite well, except for the way TA bods get looked down upon...
  13. 21 Sigs Have a TA Sqn (43) and A Troop of TACP's. Works fine when the CO is in favour of having a TA Sqn if not they tend to get ignored
  14. what a stupid thread, some ta units espesially those with specialist jobs are already involved with reg units. and have been for years. it would be impossible to intergrate fully, and in any case who the f'ck would want to.
  15. This is what scuppered the idea of reducing each regular infantry battalion to 2 rifle coys (in lieu of reducing the number of Bns) and a support company and providing the 3rd rifle coy by collapsing TA Bns down to 2 coys or so.

    Twas a silly idea anyhow.