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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by OJARHead, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. I dare say some here will say this should be in the NAAFI under the Walt thread. This is however a serious point that used to amuse me but is now starting to grate. Nor is this an "us and them" issue.
    There have been a thankfully small, number of occasions while making new acquaintances among regular counterparts, the general small talk switches from niceties to their supposed gentry/ qualifications county family etc. This generally occurs when they learn they are holding forth to Yeomanry Officers. I stress this is a small number of officers but there is a positive correlation between these pompous and false statements, dripping with affectation and certain regiments that shall remain nameless, except 912 Recon.
    I would not mind at all if they true but the blatant bollocks being spouted is an insult to the intelligence (even for Yeomen). In my experience the
    genuine types only ever refer to land ownership, family ties etc in passing and not in depth. This applies to those in the Army and otherwise
    Has anyone else come across this type of walting?
    Should they be revealed as frauds? Or just left to their fantasies. Does that make me complicit.
  2. Are you on drugs?
  3. what the hell are you talking about?

    i have never had a conversation even close to what you are talking about?

    or is it just you?
  4. Must be me then, hence the question
  5. That post makes you look like an absolute turd, and no doubt the reason regular officers of any capbadge look down on you is actually because you are maggot not because they are snobs.
  6. Well it was not the intention to come across as such and perhaps attributable to poor phrasing. Snobbery, no not in the least.
  7. which yeomanry are you in?
  8. QOY, and you?
  9. same, can you delete this thread? or at least rephrase it so you come across a little bit better.
  10. I served in a London infantry battalion that had its fair share of toffs who held ranks from Rifleman to Major and I can't remember one conversation on family ties or wealth. Even the lads drawing dole never gave out about their situation. In my experience once we donned green we settled into our military life and left all other considerations behind - at least for that evening or weekend. Boasts, in the bar or during lulls in the excitement of a range day or FTX, were purley martial in nature.

    The Yeomanry, who no longer have to buy their mounts, probably need other ways to show thier wealth. :wink:
  11. Wealth...don't you mean "worth"? :wink:
  12. of course
    This has been prompted by some observations over time and a couple recently. I suppose it shows that one should not post in haste. the reason why I mention regulars is that they (and they are very few) are harder to assess than TA (and lets face it, we have more than our share) in that there are advantages of beautiful messes, jobs that command respect etc. It is not because I have anything against regulars and on mature reflection perhaps another thread should be started stressing the positive experiences .
    It is just that there are those who feel it necessary to hold forth, unsolicited on their family that perhaps 100 years ago was relevant but never acceptable in conversation and today are ridiculous. there is the impression it not so much for the benefit of audience as the speaker. So why do it. Perhaps, surrounded by the genuine article produces insecurity. Entirely unnecessary impertinent and worst of all boring
    I am pretty insensitive and if I noticed it then it must be blatant
  13. Why do you care? Its not like its a major upset that will upset the fabric of the universe :roll: