Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jack_wagon, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. Evening all. I passed ADSC with a high B but the ADSO told me I may have to look at a different job. So since my recruiter is away for a while, I wondered if anybody on here knew about the waiting lists for comms systems engineers?
  2. Hi there.
    I passed ADSC in April with a high B, but have only just been recently told my start date (March 19th). I'm also going for Communication Systems Engineer, and it seems to me that it's a hard to get trade with long waiting lists seeing as I had to wait six months to get my date and then another five months to actually start my phase one. If you really want to do CSE then you can wait it out for a few months, if not change your choice.
    Good luck to you all the same.
  3. My first choice was REME - avionics tech. I was told I'm in the top 10 on the lists, but intake dates are few and far between with it being kind of a limelight job. I'm going for specialist selection with the int. corps in November, but I think I'd prefer a technical trade, just thinking of life after the army I suppose.
    Cheers and good luck
  4. Well Int. Corps was my 3rd and that seems to be what I'm going into should I pass their selection. I didn't put comms sys engineer in my choices because I hadn't really looked into the sigs when starting my application. I've been told I'm waiting around a year for avionics tech, assuming nobody jumps me in the lists (which is likely because my run was shocking) and March for Int. Corps. I'm in a tricky position here because there's only so long I can wait before I have a breakdown at work
  5. Wait for Avionics. Just suck it up.

    Believe me, if you end up in Blandford on the CSE course, you'll realise that your current predicament isn't that bad. Mind you, I hear REME phase 2 is potentially even worse (and longer!)

    Int Corps was my first choice and I binned it off. I like my job as it happens, but many, many people in this corps - and trade - had it as a second choice and very few of them are happy they took it. In my experience anyway, but perhaps this is more of a 'new' development.

    Your milage may vary.
  6. What was/is it that you don't like about the job? I'm after a technical trade because of the qualifications that are (allegedly) up for grabs, from a selfish point of view I'm not sure what I'd be able to take away from the Int Corps when I'll be released back onto civvy street
  7. I don't mind my job, when I get the chance to do it - sadly few and far between. You need to be more specific about what you mean in terms of technical. Technical as in IS and networking, telephone systems and so on, or technical as in fixing cables and soldering stuff.

    Ive not seen that many quals kicking around, especially these days, but its early doors for me career wise.

    You tell me what you expect to get out of training and I'll tell you how that matches up to my experience.
  8. Mostly the Tiffy courses for REME and Yeoman/Foreman of Sigs, in the job briefs it states that you can work towards a degree. Mostly I want to be in a position where I'm not in a bit of trouble when it comes to leaving and finding another job, it's a long way off hopefully, but I'm not sure what I'd be able to take away from Int. Corps
  9. My friend opted for EW but had to wait 3 months,meanwhile he broke his wrist,had to wait a further 3 months,that was 2 years ago,,,,,
  10. Avionics Tech is a bloody long haul of difficult courses, on average you are probably looking at spending at least two years in Phase 2 training, to then get spat out at the other end with a list of 7 or 8 possible postings, most of which are dog shit. Why not join the black hand side of the REME and see a bit of the real Army? Ive just left a unit with a lot of Avionics Techs and believe me its dog ****!
  11. I did electronics at uni so I feel a techie trade would be better for me. I'm really not sure how I'd get on in a black hand job. I think the first couple of years of my career, whatever job I go for will be seen through rose-tinted glasses after coming from a **** civvie job.
  12. Honestly mate, being in the army is a job, and it has more than it's fair share of shit to go with it. Had a bad day at work? Go home and forget about it. Had a bad day at work in the army? You might be in all kinds of shit.

    Anyway, if you've got a degree have you considered going in for a commision? In terms of future employability you'll breeze into all sorts of management positions.

    As far as getting a degree goes if you join as a CSE you would go down the Foreman route. Now, I hear from a lot of people that promotion in our trade is dead these days. I don't know, really, maybe it's a case of the cream rising to the top or whatever, like I say - it's early doors for me.

    You are correct though, in that you will get a degree from the Foremans course. But if you already have one what is another similar degree going to make difference wise to your career prospects? How long are you planning on staying in?

    Any army trade will give you skills you can move forward with, and you are better off doing something you want to do in this regard - especially if you consider it a career for the future.
  13. I was kicked out after a year, too much drink and not enough work. Part of my reason for a trade, so I can finish what I started and not be a ******** this time around. I've got to sort out a medical issue first, then my recruiters sending me for Int Corps selection, that will let me find out a bit more about them and I'll be better positioned to make a choice. There are far worse dilemmas to have.
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  14. Thats a fair one, i assure you though the novelty does wear off! The Oroficer route may not be a bad shout, if I went back now i would seriously consider it. (Then remember that I am a thick rough arsed brummie and not your textbook officer material). REME Officers can go down the aviation route and do some trade training on the avionics stuff too.

    Have to agree with Hamwise, there is no getting away from the green, especially as a single bloke living in camp/mess accomodation. I personally love it but it would be nice to go home at the end of the day and forget all about it. I swear I am never more than 20ft away from a bloke in green kit. But at the end of the day if your heart is set on a career in Avionics then go for it. Promotion is fast, and as far as I can remember at my last place they were undermanned so big retention bonuses and the like were being paid out.
  15. I keep hearing they are undermanned, so I was quite surprised to be 2nd on the list and still facing a long wait. Once my GP sorts himself out I can crack on with with the application and then make my decision.