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  1. Does anyone know the intakes for AGC at Pirbright this year?
  2. Sorry to hijack your post, but also does anyone know the intakes for RAC at ATR Winchester?

  3. As far as I'm aware RAC don't go to Winchester, it's now Bassingbourn.

    Least I hope so because I'm going for RAC!
  4. Hmm I have heard Bassingbourn, but have also been told that RAC Phase 1 is back at Winchester :?
  5. BACK at Winchester???

    Well now, this is all manner of confusing.

    Can anyone clear this up? Is RAC at ATR Winchester or Bassingbourn?
  6. For which job? SPS is April and RMP is supposed to be a nine month waiting list although I know people who got June
  7. Clerk... or whatever they have sexed the Job title up to!
  8. Yeh then the special pen service is 20th April
  9. Ha Ha.. Combat Typewriter etc!

    Do you know the others for this year?
  10. No afraid not, just happened to have SPS on my job list and it only says the immediate intake. Have you not done selection yet?
  11. Not yet, just waiting for things to go through! Just wanted to get an idea of how regularly they intake!
  12. Well there's 43 vacancies next period so I shouldn't think you will have to wait long!
  13. Okay thanks... fingers crossed!
  14. Does anybody know the intakes for Communication Systems Engineer?
  15. In the Sigs? 2nd March is the next one with loads of spaces :roll:

    That's me done with intakes- ask your recruiters, they get paid for it :D lol
    Also you have to remember that you wont necessarily get on the next intake just because you have passed selection. You now get graded and the higher grades get priority over lower ones.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.