Intake to phase 1 at ITC Catterick 14th april...

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Paddy2494, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. What happens the first day of basic training, am goin in Royal Anglian Infantry btw
  2. Just usual admin; issued kit, shown around the place, BFT, etc nothing to exciting
  3. BFT? and whens the full medical?
  4. BFT i.e fitness assessments, full medical will be prior your arriving at ITC
  5. You don't get kit till about day 2/3 .first couple days section commander interviews, medicals ( takes all day for big platoon) and lectures off welfare staff etc. first pt session about day 4/5 where you get met by the hair gel gang and get slight of a sweat on!
    I was training staff for 4 platoons at ITC so think I know what I on about!
    Make sure you call all staff mate so they know your friendly!!

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  6. I have a rash thats just flared up and need to get it gone before that medical!
  7. Your section commander will love it if you call him "Fella"