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I have completed all of the selection process: ADSC, TST etc. I have a few queries I am hoping someone can clear up, after trying to speak to Capita and getting nowhere.

First I would like to know how dates and spaces for certain cap badges are generated and how often, secondly when might the Royal Signals be having their next intake for EW Op, how regular are their intakes etc?

If any one can advise me on any of this, I would be very grateful.

Hit up your local careers office, they should have more info on intake dates than you're likely to find here, especially once you have you'd grade after selection.

For what it's worth, though, I've just finished my Phase 1 training as a Signaller, and there were a few more in the intake junior to me.

Edit: Also, as an aside, on my Phase 2 visit we were told that the EW Op course runs fairly few and far between. By all means put your name down, but standby to wait out...

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Firstly well done on passing out. I hope you enjoy phase 2.

Thanks for the heads up about waiting out for a space.

So is what you're saying is that it'll probably be 2014 before I hear anything.
I know you can't, but I am grateful none the less. I hope I am lucky and get one, who knows. If only there was some way of finding out. I just hate not knowing, even if I was given a date in a years time at least I could get on with my life. Thanks again.
I can sympathise, ive been in the same boat for the last year. AFCO say thwy cant do anything as Capita have my file, Capita just cant seem to tell me anything.

sup rec

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There is a course in July but this is already loaded. There is a course at Winchester starting in December but there are only 4 vacancies and all are for males.
lucky21 sounds like we are in a similar boat. It has been made more frustrating for me as I was used to the old system and built up a good working relationship with my recruiting sergeant. I am now faced with this new system and thus far have not been filled with confidence. What job you looking at doing?

sup rec thank you for that information, it is handy to know, as the only thing I can get out of Capita is that there are no intakes on their system what so ever stretching into 2014. I find it interesting that you've now posted this as they’ve said there is nothing and you know of these specific intakes. If you have any more information either regarding Signals intakes or specifically the likelihood of an intake for EW Op that would be fantastic, could you private message me it if you think you have anything that would be prudent. Anything you can share would be very greatly received.

I don’t know if it would help that I know is that I have been told I am at worst second on the list for the next intake, but I can't plan the next few months, year, whatever it may be, if I am unsure when I might be called up for phase 1. I would happily take just knowing when I was likely not to be called forward e.g. there are no intakes for definite before 2014 etc. I can then get on with my life in the mean time without any doubt lingering over me.

Hi fulham1, my first job choice was RMP and my recruiter had told me that I would be fine for getting into it. He has now left. My current recruiter has told me that im unlikely to get into RMP as I didn't score highly enough at selection. But until capita sort themselves out he says he cant try and progress my application for my 2nd or 3rd job choice.

Very frustrating.

sup rec

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Fulham1 - those details I posted are for EW op. Lucky21, RMP is relatively full but there is no reason you can't change to your 2nd or 3rd job choice. You may have a new recruiter who does not know the system. Your CSM can change your preference order in 2 seconds flat (as longas you passed for your other choices). PM me if you need further advice.
sup rec I pm you, hope that was ok.

RMP, not a bad job. I did consider it, but it didn't make my final three choices. My recruiter also left, he was fantastic and I am gutted he isn't around as he helped a lot and I valued his point of view. That is a shame, what are your other choices? I don't have a recruiter now, I have something called a careers case manager or something like that. Basically a randomly assigned body that is supposed to have my best interests at heart. You said that Capita need to sort themselves out, I wonder when that will be. I know this will sound a little selfish, but I am glad I'm not the only one in this position. Share the frustration.
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