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Hi all,

I have tried to find the answer to this on the internet and on ARRSE but can't seem to find it.

Anyway I was wondering does anyone know how often they "intake" new recruits at Pirbright. The reason I ask is because I constantly read about the government trying to get more people to join up through schemes such as bigger committal bonuses yet when I passed selection back in Jan my start date is over 4 months later. Surely if they were desperate for more recruits it would have been almost straight away??

Any ideas??
im no expert but it depends on what you want to do. the infantry makes up the largest part of the army, so there's got to be more intakes for them than some of the trades. especially those dog training guys. appareantly they only recruit two of them a year! what are you doing at pirbright?
it also depends on how many people want to do that particular job. maybe there's a lot of people waiting to start training for your chosen job choice.
ive passed all my selection june 2007 and my date was given to me in january 2008, and my intake day is 9th june, thats a bricklayer in RE! thats a ridiculous wait!
I passed selection at end of January, and was given an intake date of July 28th at Pirbright. I am going in the air corp, so it seems like most trades have to wait a while. If its any consolation I wondered the exact same thing though. Will just have to make the most of the time between now and then!!
Bloody hell, thats some serious waiting times! I hope its not this long for the HCav.


For the Corps i think (although i could be wrong) it depends on dates for Phase 2 courses aswell so they have a bit of continuity without massive gaps between phases
The reasons for the long wait go something like this.

The army is a finite resource during peacetime. In other words you can have too many people. Remember that each soldier has to be paid, equipped, trained and cared for medically and so on. In wartime you need to have as many as you can to allow for casualties. We are not at war and therefore the casualties from the current conflicts along with the "churn" of people leaving the army is not sufficient enough to support a "get them in as quick as we can" policy. The MoD therefore specify how many soldiers the army can have with their current budget.

For the above reason, it's not possible for the army to have an unlimited amount of dog handlers, RMP's, engineers, plumbers, etc, etc. They have quotas based around the MoD allocated budget and the operational needs of the army. The infantry will always be the quickest means of entry into the army purely because it makes up the bulk of the army. Dog handlers are few in number because the army don't need such a huge number of them. Someone needs to transfer/leave/etc so you can take their slot. The waiting time is therefore longer. If your going for a role where the army has a deficit of trained soldiers in then you will be in quickly. Going in as a dog handler if they need infantry soldiers won't help so they won't get you in any quicker.

You and the army also need time before you go for basic training, you need to prepare and get fit, the army need to be ready to take you in. The medical and administrative stuff needs to be done. That takes a bit of time too.

Just as an example. I'm going RAC and two other people I know are going for the Rifles and our waiting times have been weeks as opposed to months.
so why dont they tell us this information, instead of having us waiting round scratching our heads lookin for answers to why we havent been allocated a date for a year?

they should be straight with you from the beggining, telling us that there may be a long wait!

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