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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by lockedandloaded, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Hey everyone.

    Ive just been reading through the booklet they gave me when i passed ADSC, and it says there is a fitness test in your first week of basic which you must pass.

    Does anyone (specifically in catterick) know what this involves? Is it the same as at ADSC or different, cheers :)
  2. it's along the same lines. so they can get a record of your fitness at the start of trg.
  3. I'd assume it's the same, to check that you still meet the standard and to record your scores at the time, obviously for the record and to see your improvement :p

    I'm so jealous of you.. I have months left yet :oops:
  4. I thought you'd already served RoyalEngineers but the way you've helped everyone and anyone in a short space of time..... and Not got it wrong!
  5. I know my stuff :p

    When you want something as much as me you find everything out that you can about it, and i've been on everything I can course/ recruitment wise :twisted:

    And when I see a soldier, I like to chat to them for as long as possible :wink:
  6. when are you going to catterick and what regiment mate?
  7. Strangely enough.... Infantry! :p

    Royal Anglian 2nd Battalion 'Poachers'
  8. Thats good. cant have found out too much or you'd consider signals!
  9. oh and im goin in on the 9 September, sorry! :lol:
  10. Ha they're a right bunch (very friendly, if you're the best of the best, otherwise you're in for a hard time)
  11. Thats only because everyone in the Corps knows that you a are tosser.