Intake february 13th 2012

yeh i believe it still is, when did you do your adsc? i better start back at the gym :-/ been waitin since june for the date kinda lost hope cause im a rejoin
I know exactly what you mean. I did my ADSC in at the beginning of July and I've had a bit of a rest since then! Which reg did you used to serve in? At least basic training will be a doodle for you, in fact are you doing basic or are you going straight to Keogh??
i was in 42 commando in plymouth mate, came out cause my father passed away while on a training op just went downhill from there tbh, wish i was goin straight to keogh, cut out all the bullshit an get trade training underway. but nope, i bin out for 2years now so gotta redo it all, oh well, fun times lol. i done mine in june, how did u get on? wot was ur fitness like?

ps incase your wondering, yes i was a marine, an the reasons i am joinin the army are because
1. i seriously do not want to go through another 8months of disgusting training! and
2. i want to learn a trade i am able to transfer to civvi life later. i know you cant be a paramedic straight away an all that. but the elc credits means the army will pay for your degree open university course if your in long enough.
Oh god, your an ex-marine!? You'll be putting us all to shame in PT then! Mmmm, my fitness is ok, PB on the 1.5 is 11:20 and I'm currently managing 48 press-ups and 78 sit-ups. That probably sounds rubbish to you though!

I gather you're going to go for the all arms commando or para course then?
my pb is 8:53, 92 press ups in two mins and 101 sit ups in 2 mins, but that was before i stopped training, shouldnt take me long to get back to it though. im sure youll be fine mate, what your doing already sounds a good base fitness for training.
seems like ages away for training but its gunna go so quick, whats the hardest thing u think ur gunna find bout it?
i think my only hard part is leaving my daughter for that length of time she only gunna be 6months old.

yes mate, depends, i know to get into 16th medical regiment i have to do p coy, but id much rather prefer my green beret back.
That would most definitely be the loss of freedom, having to live in a room with 6-8 other people and being right down the bottom of the food chain!

That's rubbish about your daughter, but it's only a year and then you can get back to living together. My other half has just started medical school, so we're not going to be living together for at least the next four years, possibly longer, just going to have to get used to the weekend thing again i guess.

The physical side of it I'm really looking forward to, but I am a little worried I'm going to suck (.....massively suck) at drill.

Perhaps you can clear something up for me - can women serve in the 16 Medical Regiment, because I keep seeing images of them in maroon berets but wasn't sure if they were able to do p-coy, do they serve in 16 Medical Regiment without doing p-coy??
hey apologies for late reply, problems with internet,
yeh its deffo going to be hard trying to live that lifestyle, but oh well, got to make some sacrifices for the things you wanna do, so you on facebook, thinkin of jus making a group so anyone else on this intake can join it?
Mate as far as i know you wont have to go through another 32 weeks training at lympstone cause youve completed the commando course & got ur green lid? i know what im chattin about, as i strayed to the royals aswell.

what coy was u in 42?


Women can attempt P Coy if they wish, although i don't know if any females have passed it. Maybe im wrong and a few have but i dont think so. You sure you arent mistaking the RMP lid for the maroon machine?

Although i did hear about females not having to attend p coy, but female meds wearing the maroon lid. Maybe the med regt was undermanned. But as far as im informed you need to complete p coy
I was in J Coy bristollad, there is a 12 month period where you are able to leave and then rejoin with only completing the BFT, there is a bit of ley-way after that 12month period, but it was nearly 2 years before i decided i wanted to rejoin.

Chrissieyork the FB group page is Pirbright atc - 13/02/2012.

Villager ATC Pirbright is near woking in surrey. That is where your daughter will be training at for phase 1 (the first 14weeks)
Hi, can anyone tell me how often the intakes of cmt's are usually? I'm currently thinking of this as my first choice and am wondering what sort of timescale I am looking at, I currently have my appointment booked at my local doctor for medical forms, I have a high level of fitness and got 65 on my barb test (just to give you a little background of me). Thanks for any help. :)
You do not have to complete P Coy to wear the Maroon Beret at 16 CSMR it is issued to you on arrival and you are expected to wear it with or without passing P coy, infact there is no requirement for you to attempt P Coy at all if posted to 16 CSMR unless you want to.

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