Intake Dates

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Norts, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Hiya, does anyone no when the next intakeis at ATR Winchester?? [/b]
  2. Presumably as soon as you finish literacy.

    Other than that...I have no idea
  3. Now. You're late you fat fuck!!!!
  4. ok thanks just keep hearin alot about the 26th of novemebr from ppl. what corps are u joining as?
  5. I smell a wah!
  6. -nkah!
  7. NortsGENIUS, anyone? :)
  8. Don't you go starting that nonsense again young man!
  9. how odd. when i clicked "submit" just now, 57 new Arrse windows opened one after the other.

    either that's one odd bit of malicious software, or the kosovan internet is fucked as usual :)
  10. Please, in the name of all that is sacred, don't let this illiterate halfwit be joining our Corps.

    please please please dear god, noooooo
  11. Uh oh! You're forgiven since you were in shock! :D
  12. he also spelled "no" wrong :)
  13. Thanks for that, I had actually corrected the spelling shortly after posting.

    Norts, for your information.

    You do not join as a Corps, you join a Corps. The Corps' in the Army are already established and there is no requirement to create anymore. Also it is not up to recruits to decide what Corps should make up the Army.

    By the way, what Corps did you intend to join as..The Royal Fuckwit Corps?
  14. Now that's a catchy title! Although the RAF may have an issue with the acronym.
  15. Erm, why? :D