Intake dates for CMT.

I was recently told by my recruiter that I should start Basic Training on the next available intake date at ATR Winchester. However, he was unsure of when these dates were. Would anyone be able to enlighten me on the next 2 intake dates for this trade. Thanks.
im joining as a CMT and im starting basic training at pirbright on the 26th of this month. ive been waiting since september when i passed selection
i dont have a clue why it took so long to tell the truth, i guess it was because all of the places had already been taken up. CMT basic was at winchester but due to the closing down of lichfield ATR, there has abeen a mix about with where everyone goes for basic
I am doing my pre-selection in Kilburn at the moment to train as a CMT I am still awaiting my selection date. Apparently the next intake now is in September. The intake is every 6 months for CMT's as there are so little of them were as infantry intake is every 2 weeks. Apparently you have to do 12 weeks training at Pirbright then 24 weeks training in Winchester (male and female). Might see u guys there one day.
I originally thought it was Winchester for the 14 weeks, and Keogh Barracks for phase 2. Hopefully I will get a place in the September intake.
yea i thought it was at Keogh barracks and i havent heard anything different. as far as im aware winchester is still one of the ATR's
ignore him wanna be a medic saving lives making a difference then you do it...probably got a shite post, is a shite bloke and has nothing worth typing!

Everyone has their own view and the army itslef owes alot to the Med Reg boys
Well said Chegs!

Guys to answer your questions - Phase 1 trg (basic training) is at ATR Winchester for the men and ATR Pirbright for the women.
Then when you pass off and when the date comes round you'll be off to the Defence Medical Services Training Centre for 27 weeks of Phase 2 medical and military training to qualify you as a CMT Class 2.
As an ex CMT and still knocking about the RAMC, I can assure you that you will be the absolute backbone of the Army Medical Services, working in austere environments providing an essential service and often with frontline units. Never let anyone ever tell you any different!
Keep plugging away at your recruiting offices for your Phase 1 trg date, but be patient, it will all come round very quickly and good luck!

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