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Discussion in 'RAC' started by crescent, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. Noticed a couple of people asking about intake (and related) stuff, so thought I'd drop in what I know.

    Had my BARB today (65 btw), and went through my options again, even though the only thing I want is RAC due to family ties in mostly all RAC regiments.


    Was told that there are currently (correct as of this morning) 7 places left in May, 29 for June and increasing numbers for each month thereafter.

    Apparently when compared to other arms this is pretty average, so no massive backlog on the recruitment/intake dates etc.

    RMP however...October's the earliest for them :|
  2. Who the-**** wants to be a monkey and shite on everyone?
  3. Apparently lots of very misguided people :shakefist:
  4. For God's sake! not the Monkeys!! :thumbdown:
  5. If you are applying to serve with the Household Cavalry or the RAC bear in mind that the allocation can change at any time. If they need beds for Artillery recruits they can take them from the RAC places. Best to wait and see what your recruiter has on the screen at the careers office.

    Good news for the Household Cavalry, we are recruiting above our requirements but due to commitments may get more places allocated.
  6. Apparently Artillery has a shortage of applicants at the moment, besides RA is at Pirbright not Winchester, so they couldn't take bed spaces right?

    And that is what was on his screen at the time.
  7. Wrong.

    They are now cross training in the ATR to meet the requirements by cap badge.
  8. Ah right...

    Oh well, thanks for the heads up then.
  9. No Problem, best of luck in training.
  10. Thanks,

    Fingers crossed for selection first. :thumright:

    My little sister has elected herself to be my personal trainer before ADSC... :shakefist:
  11. Should be good at press-ups then...
  12. tankieboy
    :snuggle: the mind boggles :sweatdrop:
  13. Touch of disgusting ambiguity in there :shaking2:

    She's a dancerand gymnast, and her and her dancer/gymnast mates can run flippin rings around me on long jogs :frustrated:
  14. I know what you mean.

    I was going out with a aerobics instructor in my younger days. I thought I was the "fit squaddie" until she press-ganged me into doing one of her classes! Totally ruined me!

    I got my own back from taking her for a run though!
  15. Nice one :thumright:

    I thought I was quite fit, I walk almost literally everywhere I go, do free weights all the time etc - not ran much til recently though, but I thought 'yeah I'll be fine, I've got a good CV level cos I walk everywhere'...

    Until we got to two miles, and I was gasping for air and she had barely broken a sweat.