Intake 79/15

Discussion in 'RAC' started by RedLeg_1011, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. Intake 79/15 Cambria Bks Catterick, anyone from that fine body of 125 still around?
  2. Sprog.

  3. I guess there is always going to be someone who I’m a sprog to, even when I’m 99 :)
  4. I wish I could remember who the DS were; I can't even recall which Sqn I was in. Might have been C. Bloody good laugh, but then I wasn't staying there after Basic, being AAC. "Wolfie" springs to mind.
  5. Think I was B Sqn, was lucky enough to be in the new blocks at the top of the hill; made bumpering the floors easier, but window cleaning was a mare
  6. Sprog, 69/20 Sgt Walsh 17/21 L, Cpl Shilcock 9/12 L and LCpl B.......? Little guy 9/12 L
  7. Nig, 69/05, actually I and another had our pass out leave, then went straight back to Catterick and joined, IIRC 69/12 to do our driver training. So, out of the egg, we were BII Sig/Dvrs

    Trg Sgt was a Korean veteran of 1RTR with a L/CoH of the LG. Good Team.
  8. Ahhh bet you miss the old days of woad and mead
  9. You were two Squads ahead of me fella.
  10. I was 79/22 and was in the same block as 79/15. I think you will find that the staff were pretty much all RH(PWO) as they were training regiment at the time (Was a twat being an RH(PWO) recruit with training staff from the same regiment) Very good times though with some cracking memories.
  11. Quite so, we knew what to do with horses in those days. Eat them.
  12. Hey Redleg, I think it will be hard to find anyone from those intakes. As rumour is that everyone that went through those intakes committed suicide due to the shame of being trained by the Cherrypickers, by your name though that wouldn't apply to you as you were probably a Hussar too. So how would you remember the rest of your intake anyway, spending all your time in the troop office getting brews brought to you by the permanent staff, and
    getting driven round the BFT in a landrover. Crimson, it wasn't (a twat being an RH(PWO) recruit with training staff from the same regiment) It was just a twat being a PWO.
    Only kidding lads, Maybe theres more truth to that though, there were two Hussars in 79/15, my little mate Mark Wearn (Boo Boo) a great kid and another who I cant remember, I am looking at the picture off my bookcase with magnifier and I can't place the second lad. I am sure Redlegs will remind me. Then again I never remembered a black lad in our intake till I looked close at the picture and he signed the back "Clive the Jive" The first training Staff we met was Corporal Colbourn who was a bit of a tosser at the time, And some lanky full screw who started off naff but ended up being a decent bloke, mostly cause he was often pissed.
    Lads were "Danny Toorish RSDG, Koselka 17/21, Steve Perks, RTR, Jerry Walker Kenny Walker Rob Boyd QRIH ( Never forget Rob Boyd who came from the UDR when he actually burnt his neck ironing his collar before a parade. How can you make a paddy joke like that up. A great Squaddie though. And me. Paul Wilson (lofty) 4/7 RDG
    good luck mate
  13. Mark wearn 'became' Bod on joining the regiment, a cracking lad who, last time i heard, was a police traffic officer and i think the other guy would have been Dave Illing i think, another good lad who i was glad to be bale to call a mate during our time in the regiment together, not sure where he is nowadays though. The training staff were on the whole pretty good from what i remember and i still see them now and then at reunions, there were a few if i remember rightly and obviously i remember them a little better having served with most of them once i passed off.
  14. The other lad was me, Boo Boo became Bod when we joined the Regt, Clive the Jive will be ingrained on my brain for ever, the two UDR boys (brothers I think) were a scream. Then there was the tall skinny 14/20th lad who decided on one run that he could not (wouldn't) run any further; and that act got us all two more miles of running. Well 32 years has now passed and I've just managed to hand in my 1157. I lost my copy of the intake photo years ago
  15. My 1157 goes in about this time next week, we must get together again soon mate, been too long. Im thinking of trying to organise a LE piss up as my farewell do, if i get a job sooner ill go sooner so will keep you info'd. Did you see the redundancy list, few pissed off LE's there!