Int & Sy themed books ??

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dubb_al_Ibn, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. Just enjoying the "Int Corps tats" thread when NTTT mentioned the museum shop will be stocking a range of Int & Sy themed books. Come on, team, this is too good to miss. What would be on your I&S themed bookshelf ? Assuming you're sad enough to have one. To start off:

    * The Alex Rider books for the Young Officers,

    * " When Eight Bells Toll" for the genuine walts (Sadly, the hero is Naval Intelligence, but hey, we're all purple nowadays.)

    * B&Q catalogue of home security products

    * Janes "Fighting Bicycles/sports cars/deck chairs"

    * Teach Yourself Russian, no wait, Arabic, no wait, Kurdish, no wait, Pushtu, no wait, Dari ...etc

    * Jackson's Fencing Catalogue (nothing to do with swords, but the thing that goes around your armoury to keep the natives out)

    * Anything by Col J H-W with the words "Blunder" "Military" and "Intelligence" in the title. So all of them, then.

    Shame about the tea caddy spoons, though.
  2. Norman Dixon's 'On the psychology of military incompetence'.

    Although it should probably be in the libraries of one or two other Corps I know.
  3. Slightly off topic. When I posted the original post the adverts that appeared beneath it were for "Spy catch a cheating spouse..." and one for Lingerie. Somebody knows about my life, then.

    When Whiskeybreath posted his reply, the adverts that appeared were for a Camouflaged tuck box ! (seriously) "learn sigma six defence" (I don't know, either) and an advert for Special Forces very, very random. How does the brain that runs Arrse decide on the adverts????

    Anyway back to I&S themed books......
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The answer is that Arrse has virtually nothing to do with it, it's a Google software plug-in that selects key words from posts and attempts to match ads to them. Thus when the wife of a corps member was tragically killed in a skydiving accident, the condolences thread was underpinned with various adverts for parachuting holidays. :roll:
  5. Thank you Cpunk...I knew you'd know. And I've just worked out the lingerie connection. I wrote that "the museum shop was stocking a range of Int and Security themed books" and it picked up the word "stocking." Pervert !

    Anyway, what Int and Security themed are on your bookshelf ? Bet there's millions....
  6. Sigma Six it's Logistics speak not the latest Tom Clancy best seller.
  7. :oops: Well funnily enough we do have a teach yourself Kurdish and the J H-W book. Have you been peering through the museum window?

    But we do have Graham Deeley's new book on Int and the Airborne Forces 'Worst Fears Confirmed' which is well worth a read. :D

    I don't know about the stockings - do you think there is a market for Cypress green sheer with Squirrel grey suspenders? 8O
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I'm sure 'Agent Provocateur' have done some such combination - but surely it forms part of female mess kit?
  9. I almost had a flicker there! :oops: MRS GEEK! Standby!!
  10. Now that Is what I call an ICA fundraising opportunity,

    Perhaps the "Elizabeth II's Secrets" or the "sub rosa" range, the tasteful calender opportunities???
  12. Just got back to the thread this morning...seems to have lost the literary aspect at the slightest mention of hosiery. "Sigh"

    However, there does appear to be a fair amount of knowledge of the subject which is fine Int Corps tradition and second only to the Royal Marines.

    how did you know I was looking in the window...I thought I was getting away with that ? Ah, I see, the dribble marks.

    Bring back the caddy spoons ! I'd buy one.
  13. With a bit of scarlet lace on the webbing, to make sure all the Corps colours are represented.
  14. Nah, it'd look as though your legs had gone mouldy... However, switch the colour combination around and have matching Wonderbra and French knickers as well...

    So, when's the calendar coming out?

    If the WI can do it and RAF Kinloss (including the Station Commander!!!) can do it, what about Quicksands?

  15. I'll run this past the Corps Sec on her return :) Of course Helen Mirren will have to play me in the film of the calender (Alas no emoticon for hysterical laughter! :lol: ).