Int Supp for AH at 9 Regt

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by FrogPrince, Jan 20, 2005.

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  2. No AH in 7(V) REGT AAC!!! :lol:
    And never will be old chap!!!

    Was rumours of turning it back to regular and making it a uk tasking only regt!!!(Lynx)

    No doubt all the undesirables would be sent there, and what an awesome regt that would be, just like the fatherland all over again!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
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  4. Frog Prince,
    Don't know about joining us as INT but we are currently recruiting for groundies if you are interested, however i do not know how that will affect any rank you have.
  5. Alway remember pointing out to the new Int Recruits at Winchester that they were to be Glorified Clerks.
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  7. As far as I know its modularised but only for Gazzelle use. They have a full time training wing with NRPS.
  8. The Groundie course at 7 regt can be run either as a complete package or modular to suit the student, It is gazelle only but there are oppotunities to work with other aircraft, last year we worked with Lynx, Apache, Bell 212 and Squirrel. we are always short of groundies so if you want to join get in contact with the training wing at 7 regt and come and visit
  9. You would enjoy the crack at the SQN, The guys and girls are a good bunch.
    As moralhoover said there is scope to work with all types off aircraft and we are not like normal TA units.
    If you want any info drop me an email.
  10. I doubt very much that you will have slime doing your Int for you. We only man Int sects at Bde and above. Very rarely do we go to BG level or equivalent. The Slime at ASTOR are actually doing their trade there and not as you put it, helping the RAF.
  11. ...too close to the front line with all that nasty mud, shouting and hard work... :D
  12. Damn right Calypso
  13. Ah - so that bloke I knew who was with the Armd Recce Sqn in FRY was lost ? But then again he was TA so maybe they get all the dangerous postings.
  14. hate to get dragged into this good natured ribbing, but actually as green slime we used to deploy right down to coy level with the BGs in bos (1 x lance jack or full screw per coy, plus one with the bn int cell at BG main). used patrols and checkpoints a lot for our fun chats and nosing around. frequently went out on patrol in NI too. but cheers to eye_spy for saying we never go below bde level. makes us all look like right war-dodging noshers :D
  15. never seen any green slime outside of atr's..... so the question must be asked - are there any? doubt it by some of the int reps we got on telic!!