Int Selection - 3 days at DISD

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by shenanigans, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Hey Everyone!

    I have recently passed selection. I am hoping to join the Int Corps. The final selection process is at DISC at Chicksands for 3 days..
    I will not receive any info until I am briefed upon arrival. Has anyone got any advice on how I should prepare? Anyone been there for selection recently?

  2. start by reading the recruitment and familiarisation thread. *sigh*
  3. Dime bar....
  4. No not dime bar ............... I likes dime bars.
  5. Im no genius but im thinking that if they haven't given you any material or advice prior to attending then its probably for a reason. They'll be wanting to see how you cope with tests which you haven't had time to prepare for and itnerviews which you haven't been able to revise the answers for. It gives them a chance to look at you as a person and not you as a briefed up applicant tellng them what you think they want to hear.
  6. Im no genius but if you put any more details on this site about yourself, you wont be getting through chicksands at all lol
  7. very true. just ask greengirl ;)
  8. Hmmm - thanks for that guys! ... i think!
    Yeah maybe a lesson in secrecy & confidentiality wouldnt go a miss before i join.... :D
    I made a few edits! :oops:
    ps its not that i havent done my homework on the Int Corps or that i havent got a clue....
    I guessed that they were not allowing us to prepare to see how well we react to tests etc Therefore, i wanted to be one step ahead - hence my posting.
    Maybe my IQ isnt as low as you thought huh :p
  9. Don't you believe it! A good interviewer can usually tell when someone is answering a question that should be a surprise to them. If you had any IQ (or common sense) you'd listen to the advice given - turn up (clueless) and just be as honest and diligent as you can. That's all there is to it, it worked for the rest of us!
  10. well i was hoping someone was going to ask stuff about the three days at int corp selection, guess every one will have to wing it. Incidently is this course run fairly infrequently as i am off on the 21st of this month even though i passed RSC about two months ago? Is this a standard time lag because i am getting truely sick of working for the local :scratch: council
  11. Point taken...
    I wasnt asking for the interview script - just maybe a rough idea of what was involved.
    Well if "clueless" was good enough for you guys... its good enough for me! :lol:

    By the way i was supposed to be going to DISC the same date as you Bushy. Although, i had to rearrange. I know there are date 29th Aug & 4th Sept for you frequency question.
  12. well its nice to know i am not been passed from pillar to post for the fun of it, i reckon the recruiting office is getting sick of the sight of me. I did hear that the next int corp basic training with any spaces starts in november. Must remember to buy some mittens
  13. No i wouldnt worry - i was in the same boat! Hadnt heard from my Recruiting chappy for a few weeks after i had passed selection. Well i wouldnt get to comfy with your basic starting in Nov - my 3 days selection is a week after yours & i was told i could be starting 30th Oct!!! Just to give you a heads up!
    I was thinking that - defo pack ur mitts! Say good bye to xmas dinner too! I expect they'll have us on a 6 mile march!!!!!!!
  14. six mile hike over crimbo, sounds a laugh, can't be any worse than the usual family christmas with bone dry turkey and purely bone relatives, in fact i may volunteer for guard duty to avoid the hated season, bah humbug etc
  15. Ha ha! Not a crimbo fan i gather!
    You looking forward to 14 weeks of hell then? So say the hardest weeks of your life.... :?
    Are you training in preparation?