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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Rik_2008, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Alright guys,

    Right, have decided to join the army, was firstly thinking RA but am very interested in Int corps. i have 11 GCSE's all passes but from what i can see in the last 29 pages all the new posts are from lads straight out of uni with degrees galore. Is it worth putting Int corps down as an option or would i just be swayed off into infantry etc...MOD says 5 GCSES's minimum of C but im starting to see it may not be worthwhile pursueing this as an option.
    Any feedback or opinions would be good.
  2. Don't worry about it; they're all bluffing.
    I lied about my age, height and sex, and they still let me into the RCT.
  3. you need to get your BARB test out of the way need a reasonably high score to go int corp....something over 65 i think. If you have a genuine interest in the job and feel you could sell yourself to the selection officer then you should have no problems!! start with int corp and if you have to change choice then you have to, however, you may as well start with the job you want and work from there!!
  4. Yes it is true lots of people nowadays join the Int Corps having degrees but then a lot don't. IMHO it doesn't really matter. With your GCSE passes you've got no problems. If I were you I'd go for it. They'll select on who you are , I'm sure they don't hold it against you that you haven't got a degree. GO FOR IT!
  5. Always struck me as an odd job, the Int Corps. What do the privates actually do? I'd always assumed they were a kind of officers-only "mini MI6" but clearly there's more to it...
  6. 3 o levels and they still took me :D
  7. Apparently, every day is a lethal game of bluff and counter-bluff in a wilderness of mirrors. Or so my fat ex-Int Corps mate tells me.
  8. I said nothing of the sort.

    But was that you I was talking to...?
  9. Passed Int Corps selection this very week without an A level or Degree to my name ;)

    Wouldn't worry about it too much...
  10. I got in with no A levels at all and survived 28 years before the novelty ran out.

    It should not be a problem*

    * Just remember NEVER to go back to Shamus's place for the weekend, and decide to go out on the P155
  11. I assumed the privates were all busy learning their future trade before they pass out from Chicksands as Lance Corporals. I haven't heard any different recently.

    (5 GCSEs here! One of them art! I did ask them if they knew what they were doing at RSC Chix...)
  12. You always was a bluffer and anyway I can better that I got in with no quals whatsoever having just been expelled from school.
  13. i have 4 A-levels grade A and cant get in because i am colourblinde.....go figure!!
  14. well we wouldn't want you cutting the wrong wire now, would we. :wink:
  15. the int corp cut wires???? i also tried to join as an ammo tech RLC....i would have been good because we all know the terrorists swap the wires around anyway so all those colour normal ammo techs get fucked...whilst i save the day!!!