Int Corps walt wannabe

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Maple, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, fellow ARRSERS,

    I'm off to another 50's themed do shortly and was planning on going as an mighty Int Corps warrior from the Cold war. I've got all the 49 paten BD stuff but I'd like to get the badges right for BOAR circa 1952-8. So far Corps shoulder ties but that's about it, do HQBOAR badges sound about right or some other combination? when did the Cyprus green beret come in? The RAOC Cpl kit I wore last time meant I didn't pull so I'm trying for officer, are the crowns/pips green on white? (with no red in the crown as I'm led to believe). Officers in brown shoes?

    Still can't find any cheap Crab kit otherwise I'd go as one of our two-winged master race - the ladies seem to like that look for some reason.....
  2. Go to Primark. You can pick up a cheap blue polyester suit in there for >£50. Draw some barcode-style stripes around the cuffs with a dark blue permanent pen and a pale blue highlighter. You can get a cheap shirt and tie set there too, ideally go for a pale blue shirt and dark tie. Shoes should ideally be black, but brown is an option. Socks must be white.
  3. Cypress green beret was 1977, so SD cap or blue beret are your man here. Officers and WO1s - brown boots. Crown and pips pale buff embroidery on cypress green backing. HQ BAOR is fine for a formation sign. Not sure if the arm of service strip was still in in the late 50s, if it was, both sleeves, green and grey.
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  4. Thanks folks, joe, you forgot man-made fibres are only for us modern Crab-air types but as we're talking 1950s it's fine cloth BDs or best blue for the 20 minuters (which is in very short supply). This will sound a bit bone but blue beret for Int Corps ORs only?
  5. No blue beret for all, although most officers tended to go for Int Corps sidehat (al la Thunderbirds) or Service Dress cap. Awaits incoming from other old and bold with better memory than me, the alcohol did destroy brain cells, just as we were warned.
  6. Go as a BRIXMIS warrior. Turn up in a classic Range Rover with odd trabant lights on the front and no brake lights. Exit the vehicle wearing a brown nylon suit and sturdy shoes.

    If anyone blocks you in, ram them and punch a hole through the host's fence to freedom.
  7. Thanks again, got all the bits to hand now (or at least when the postie delivers) and had a blue beret from the RAOC fiasco so kitted out as balding middle-aged major - much like the ones I used to see around Brigade! Good plan for BRIXMIS* but they had modded Opels in my day......Must remember to mumble to my self in Russian and smell strongly of whiskey to keep in character.

    * Only ever saw them from a distance
  8. Brixmis is easy. OGs and an unconvincing RCT cap badge, with the Mission badge on each sleeve.
  9. Must also be good at getting officials shit-faced at parties.
  10. ...and explaining the ins and outs of the Robertson-Malinin Agreement to a suspicious praporshchik regulator, in the pouring rain, while waiting for a disgruntled Soviet Senior Lieutenant to rock up and find out what one#s doing smack bang in the middle of a PRA.
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Reminds me of a bloke. I got married in 1981, we got MSQ in Elsenheide near Paderborn, I drove the few km to work every day.

    Needless to say Zero Alpha became acquainted with some of the other wives.

    She told me (we talked about it again last night) about a wife who told her her husband was a cook when he was in camp, but most of the time he wasn't in camp, his salary was rather - shall we say generous? - for a slop jockey, she couldn't get in touch with him when he wasn't in camp, but he regularly sent her postcards from strange places around the world via the Bundespost, not BFPO.

    Sounds a bit like the Steven Seagull character in the Under Siege franchise, but I really don't know.

    Thoughts? (And apologies for jumping on the thread.)
  12. Not often one reads about an ACC walt.......