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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by K640, Jul 13, 2010.

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  1. Hi all. I've recently applied to the RN as a CT and I'm currently waiting on redoing the hearing test in a couple of weeks as I was just under the required standard. At the time the doctor said I met the standard for RAF Int Analyst but who the hell wants to join the crabs? So it got me thinking about the Int Corps.
    I'd never really thought about joining the Army before, the RN always seemed to appeal more to me, but the more I read about the Int Corps the more I liked the sound of it. I'm popping along to my local ACIO later in the week but thought I'd post on here first.

    I'm wondering if anyone could give me a heads up the hearing standards, are they higher/lower/the same as the RNs? Obviously if they're the same as the RNs and I fail the hearing test again then there's no point in pursuing it further but if I meet the standards for the Int Corps its going to give me a bit to think about. I understand that the medical takes place down at ADSC so I don't want to start an application and waste everyones time and money if I'm not going to pass it!

    The main advantage I can see over the RN is that the role covers a wider range of specialisations, whereas as CT is pretty much just dealing with SIGINT, the downside being less variation in deployents ie just Afghanistan.

    Apologies if my question has been answered or my assumptions proven to be utter crap in the recruiting sticky but its a bloody long thread and I haven't finished reading it yet!
  2. With one or two exceptions, the RN CT branch is full of knobbers. Most of them wouldn't have made it past full screw if they'd joined the Army.
  3. If that's the case, it's gone sharply downhill in the last 15 years or so, it used to boast some thoroughly gleaming blokes. Mind you, the job is probably just as awe-inspiringly pants as it used to be. Catastrophic career fail if you want any sort of life, CT.
  4. Guns

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    1. The Royal Navy

    Funny they say nice things about you. I take it some Matelot was banging your wife when you where on deployment then.....
  5. The RN CT branch nose-dived when they started taking ABs straight from Raleigh, which would have been ok if they had binned the timed promotion, but they didn't, hence the 22-year-old CPO CTs strutting around thinking they know it all. The RN CT branch has become a huge magnet pulling in every waster in the RN who wants an easy ride to CPO.
  6. Not correct.

    Not correct either, imo.
  7. Care to elaborate?

    Gutted, was hoping that would mean easy promotion. Oh well.
  8. No........
  9. Joe if you can't give specific details would you be able to confirm that the work done by OPMI is more varied than CT (which is the impression I got from what I've read and heard about both) or is that a total misunderstanding on my part? The (perceived) greater variation is what is attracting me to the Int Corps.
  10. So it's not because you failed the medical for CT?
  11. I haven't failed the medical (yet), it's been deffered until I retake the hearing test (I had a cold around the time of the medical and the doctor said this might impact on my hearing and as I was only fractionally under the required standard I could retake it.)
    But in answer to your question yes, that was what initially caused me to look into it. Having looked into I am now considering it as an alternative to CT even if I do pass the medical which is why I'm trying to compare the roles.
  12. I take it that your breathing difficulties are no longer a problem.
  13. I see you've been checking up on me over on RR.

    My readings whilst doing my peak flow diary where normal (according to the nurse at my GP) and I haven't had any symptoms or treatment for something like 10 years so I'm hoping that's not a problem.

    Anything else you'd like to know? Perhaps my name, DOB and address? Or is the interrogation/stalking over for now?
  14. I have all those already, thanks.
  15. Fair enough. Are you going to offer any helpful advice/answers now or just sit in the bushes outside my house playing with yourself?