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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by theblindking, Oct 30, 2011.

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  1. I'm laughing at the second gun behind him!!!

    and the lack of cam, and the beret...
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  2. I don't understand why you find it funny?

    The TA are a bunch of highly motivated, professional individuals, with the same skills and abilities as their fulltime counterparts.
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  3. It's certainly a response to the "no scrim and sniper tape on the helmet" issue.
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  4. Ooohhh, cutting.
  5. I no, I am wun.
  6. Schoolboy error.
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  7. Are 3 & 5 MI having to shout 'bang' now on exercises due to a lack of training ammunition?

  8. Shout bang on exercises? We have to mime map marking on imaginary talc.
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  9. Did you type that with a straight face?
  10. Of course! Everyone knows how much respect I have for my part-time brethren.
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  11. Not to mention how much respect we have for you...
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  12. We can provide map marking simulation exercises in VBS2, with realistic Lumnocolour and Chinagraph pencil options available.

    MG Pln? Harrumph!!

    In my day the whole Int Pln had Roadsters not GPMG , apart from one miscreant who tried to sneak in with a GT*

    * The alloys gave it away as a mean V8 wolf in sheep's clothing
  13. You might smirk, but I have 300 blokes from the thickest tree in the forest* currently trying to write sans ruler.

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  14. Sub - To be fair it's not that bad and the permanent staff do a marvellous job (before the SPSI issues a fatwah against all visually impaired monarchs). Being Larndan it's all about the Superbikes, one of my section did attempt to turn up to a drill night on a MOTO GP race replica but in honour of Marco Simoncelli we let him off with a stern talking to.

    Bravo - why don't you get your boys to teach us how to be trees and we'll teach them how to write?